2017 China Internet has entered the second half of the Internet, many industry insiders said the Internet watershed coming, and on the Internet in the second half, APP has no barbaric growth, the demographic dividend at the end of a continuous decline in the growth rate of Internet users to single digits. As for the mobile market, APP, the coverage rate of mobile Internet users has exceeded 90%, it is difficult to obtain new users, this time more testing is APP’s ability to retain users. Moving boxes, based on recent internet reports, analyzed 3 changes and 3 opportunities for APP operating trends in 2017.


APP pre installed promotion will encounter "ice and snow days"

pre installed promotion has been an effective magic weapon for new APP products to obtain users, but the new APP based on new mobile phone pre installed channel promotion, in the second half of the Internet will encounter "ice and snow" embarrassing days. From the incremental market the three or four line of the city and even the combination of urban and rural users, this model may still help to pull the new APP products, but the existing wider Internet users, they have formed their own preferences and product experience, APP preloaded promotion to use existing users to upgrade more and more small.

virus marketing may no longer move

for users

in the past two years, we continue to hear the name of viral marketing, speculation topics, social chain spread, in-depth diffusion of the human brain is no longer a panacea. Because when users are more and more new things too frequent, spend a part of curiosity for new things the expected value is gradually rising, the market for new users of APP’s curiosity and the spirit of early adopters will be gradually reduced. After an early selection stage, mobile users will gradually avoid using their own products, thereby optimizing the repeatability of similar products. That is to say, one or two of them should be reserved in the same type of products. At present, under the age of 21 users are most willing to early adopters of the user groups.

"price war" failure, then

will harass the people and waste moneyThe disappearance of the

demographic dividend, the new APP to the difficult opportunity, the existing APP also reached the peak of growth. In the previous acquisition of user competition, price war is to obtain users the most simple and crude means. But once the netizens bonus peaked, the enterprises face the user will no longer be white users, but some users have Internet experience, low price is no longer the first consideration of this group of users in the purchase of products in the process. It’s hard to say goodbye to the price competition, like a cheap game.

user data mining becomes APP core capability

2017, the user value once again mentioned in Pyramid top, so that the product core capabilities from development to user data mining. With the popularization of enterprise application tools and data mining in the whole industry in 2016. The trend will spread to big companies, unicorns and start-ups. Who will be in 2017?