found some time ago when the website included Baidu, found a small number of " on the right side; how many people love this station, " because I have a test on the will be included on Baidu products, hobby or ranking effect. Therefore, take a IP at around 2000, a novel Baidu origin station 1600IP to do the test, test what? Of course is to test the brush Baidu share what kind of consequences, and manual submission brought by ranking. The operation cycle is 21 days. During the test, all operations remain the same, including site update speed, and chain update speed.

brush before site data:

site domain name:

site Keywords: nice novel,

site brush before keywords ranking: 18

page ranking: keywords are mostly in the name of 30~50 wandering, popular novel keywords in 100.

site brush before IP: 2000IP

site brush before Baidu antecedents: 1600IP

starts sharing the date of the brush: 2012/02/01

operation steps:

The first 1.

analysis of Baidu analysis protocol is capture


an ordinary GET request, and COOKIES is not special.

2. site built a hidden FRAME, so that each time visitors open the above grab GET request, and analog send Baidu

test results:

here first say that you want to know the results, directly on the flow chart. (after 1 weeks of brushing, ranking is up, IP is around 5000.)


here, people will be curious, why is now only more than 1400 IP, this is the test results.

can say so, brush share, early can give you flow, but I may overdo it, brush a little more.

brush share the data after the comparison:


: the key words for popular novels were 17 in the past, and back in about 2 weeks after 100.

and the number of sites shared changed from 146. before 3W (sorry, forgot screenshots before),