with the popularity of Internet applications, the emergence of a variety of site building system, so that the threshold of building sites is getting lower and lower. In the past, the biggest obstacle to building websites, the lack of technical ability is no problem, the webmaster is easy in a very short time, choose website templates, you can build a website of their own. According to China’s leading community platform and service provider Comsenz news, after the introduction of community system Discuz, it is currently installed more than 60, and this number is still growing rapidly.

at the same time, the construction site is more difficult to locate, mostly for personal Adsense site may have hobbies (such as design, games, music etc.) or to a special field of knowledge and understanding and to build a website, no matter what the angle positioning clear and reasonable, the construction site is the first to think carefully planning issues. A site if the lack of a clear positioning, easy to take a lot of detours, wasting time and energy do not say, to finally appear grotesque results, users do not know what is the web site, the webmaster also more and more confused.

, first of all, to understand what the purpose of building websites is to share resources, fame, and make money…… Or for other reasons?. No matter what the purpose, but first of all, you should clearly understand the positioning of your web site, what people to see, what to achieve after reading. The future direction of the website, whether there is sustainability, continuity and expansion, these are very important for a web site.

if you’re setting up for personal interests, then your content orientation is in the industry of interest. In this way, the situation and resources of this industry will be understood and manipulated. If you are in the network in order to Amoy to gold, then you have to clear the content of the website is ready for service and who, for whom, users will get what kind of useful information or other webmaster to have the harvest? Ability to integrate resources, the ability to judge to distinguish the observant and alert. The information is useful, valuable, useful. Website column planning: do not require large and complete, less demanding and accurate, small and dedicated; so that your site is very clear, that is, to the people in this field to see. As long as the content can be read, unique. So slowly, there will be a fixed group of users, it will be easy to catch repeat customers. The site is now rich and colorful, various fields are many, every field has a very famous station, portal. Don’t be afraid to repeat, the key is to do different things with others, have their own characteristics, in the column settings and content above article, this will also receive good results. Do not put the main station does not relate to the content, so that reflects the specificity, but also more likely to lead to user resentment. After all, when you build a website, you have to give the site a clear orientation.

second, what effect to the website, this is a very important problem; many owners began not clear their goal of the website, the result was the more difficult to do, until the last Zuobuxiaqu, even give up. Among them, there are many successful people, in fact, the so-called