with the development of economy, it is difficult for SMEs to survive the operation, in 2000 before the test of network marketing mechanism is made up a lot, get a sum of money, but the training institutions survival environment is worrying, now 100 passengers from anaerobic training industry analysis as follows:

one, the increase in the cost of online advertising, invisible shackles, the long tail of the convenience of

education and training institutions belong to the education sector, and then the survival of the education industry, if only on the income of the network, is very difficult to maintain and survive. First of all, education and training institutions to do Baidu is inevitable, otherwise you rely on the optimization of the point of origin, it can not survive, after all, IP is limited. He said a small educational institutions, even if Baidu investment is 2000 yuan a day, then a month investment 60 thousand yuan, the teacher’s course at present is relatively high, good teachers can be up to a million daily treatment, plus employees and other advertising market investment that is very high, so the small and medium-sized enterprise survival can not rely solely on the network investment, a long time ago in a Baidu can be said that the high investment return ratio is, but at present on the network you invest a piece of money, but also can be said to be able to earn back, a training institution where I am currently, or get some other training institutions, almost spend hundreds of dollars invested only possible to recruit a student, so the Internet advertising market is currently in the training industry competition can think, keywords The selection and bidding fees are also high. So here, anaerobic hundred guest proposed enterprise station site, need to choose more long tail keywords, because of the long tail of accurate matching, brought by the customer in general is quasi client.

two, the use of customer service systems to understand customer needs

how to understand customer needs and customer background, how to analyze the website keyword search ratio is within the scope of consideration, so we can use those tools to help us to analyze it, the first customer service system we know may be 51 companies QQ, Baidu business, customer service, customer service in the music language, these tools in my case if each one has its own merits, if your company willing to lower cost, suggest you hang two customer service system, is the first choice of the enterprise QQ and funtalk system.

Advantage is that

enterprise QQ, can carry out marketing again, keep the customer contact, in order to carry out the next marketing, regardless of any news can be released at the same time to consultation with your hands, whether by mail, message, can. Why I’m here to recommend music language, music language advantage is based on different websites and two pages set different pop-up window in the window, you can also set the preferential information related to the professional, customers come in can see directly, the second is the background music language function is very powerful, to many times stronger than the rest of the customer service system, from the source of customers and many other aspects of the comprehensive keyword, the browser can see the customer.