one day, I sent my children to study class, and I saw a lot of children and parents in various classes. I would like to make a website for children. Just in hand, there’s a domain name that hasn’t been used for years.

my thoughts are as follows:

1. to find a good study class (free of course), provide free publicity and columns. This class is best composition class, they are generally looking for a blog to publish the student’s stand, we share a user name, very informal. My qualifications are very attractive. There is a stable and free access to the source of advertising source (the children will recommend to his classmates, because stand on his article, "show" ^_^)

2. builds other column on the website, release the content that is beneficial to the child, I examine very strictly, although the income that wants to obtain through the network, but the content that wants to the child wants green after all. Attract children, mainly to attract parents.

3. recommends the website to the child’s father and mother. To do a local site, relying solely on online publicity is not good, I made little publicity cards, send children to study classes when parents sent to them and communicate with them. That is, to make friends, but also to enhance the popularity of the site. At the same time, ask them to recommend websites to their friends.

4. uses the blogs on major websites to promote it. I send messages to people in the target audience by means of messages. The advantage of the picture is that it doesn’t allow links to be posted on the blog.

5., for the children’s characteristics, I have prepared dozens of G story MP3, at the appropriate time to carry out online publishing articles, send stories activities, to improve the originality of the content of the site.

6. is going to launch ads near schools. In this way, there are various classes in front of each school, and consult with them and put up advertisements in front of their door. The return is free publicity for them on the website.

my first three steps are already in place, and I think online and offline work will achieve good results.

my site is small (, the writer s welcome to communicate.