can make money by the barber barber shop, seems to feel like not by the novel as the butcher’s meat to make money, but it can really make money? Also some people use this method to make money, you say strange not strange, so he exactly is how to do?

According to the


however, a casual experience has changed the plan. He met a baby supplies business in Taiwan compatriots, talking about the past two years in Taiwan, the rise of the baby barber boom. Dell is very interested in listening to, think of this emerging industry more opportunities, and asked to be removed the specialized agencies, the Xiamen and Taipei contact Baishixueyi, formal learning baby barber technology.

and the "baby barber shop", "barber itself is only public sword", the real aim is to borrow the machine to persuade barber children of parents, children and the lanugo made tire brush, and this one is the "baby barber shop" the main source of profits.


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