shoppers often encounter such a problem. When looking at the street and taking pictures, when looking at a play or a movie, they want to buy something that appears in it, but I don’t know where it comes from. Now this problem is Australia’s network of entrepreneurs to solve! Try my best to help you find the product you want, let "not found" or "find the goods too hard" is no longer an excuse about the public purse. It also thin.

One problem with pictures on the

network is that it is easy to separate from its background and context, especially when Internet users share pictures without providing them. To solve this problem, the website Crowdsource encourages users to affix trademarks to the goods in the picture".

consumers who can’t find the pictures can create an account on the Crowdsend, upload pictures, and let people find the goods together. Others said, we will choose the most accurate goods, is finally showing a picture of "trademark goods". There are also information about brands, pictures, models, places to buy goods, and so on. By answering the goods in the picture, netizens can exchange coupons. They can also interact with a variety of goods, such as labeling it "like", or putting it in "desire lists", or showing "having it". This information can be communicated to the business so that they can detect the involvement of consumers on the internet. (consumer involvement: for consumer involvement, consumer participation, refers to the consumer in the search, the time spent processing information of products and consumer conscious processing of merchandise information and advertising spend energy, it decided to consumers on the categories of information selection and make a purchase decision. The presence of the platform also ensures that consumers interested in the product can find places to buy things. The Crowdsend platform can also be embedded in pictures of other third party web sites and display product related information when the mouse is moving across the picture.

is like another project. VideoDeals allows objects in video to be clicked. CrowdSend’s purpose is to make the still picture in the network present more useful and interactive elements. Since the site was recently opened to some Internet users, 25 million of its products have been labeled as trademarks. Is that a sign of the future trend of online media visualization?