first of all, what is soft Wen? Soft Wen is advertising in a euphemistic way to express, and let everyone can accept the article. What is the use of soft Wen? Soft Wen three direct benefits:

                1  brand; invisible brand show, and is a free way of promotion. When your domain name and your unique logo are referenced countless times, you are all familiar with it. Also concerned about. When people mention you in that field, you just talked about the regional or refer to your domain name, your website, you’re laughing behind.

            URL;   2   direct click rate, because you invisibly, your invisible products, arouse user’s curiosity, and direct users. Many forums, blogs, and default www link points out the form.

              3  now it is difficult to search the weight, generally, in Admin5, the boutique, can leave a link, the other is off the display of the connection and retain only. When your article has been reprinted 10 thousand times, it means that you have added 10 thousand outer chains. In the forum, many people sell beautiful pictures, and other keywords, the first web site, are also using this method for SEO.

then, webmaster friends how to write the original soft text? You can write about your website idea, why build a website? What difficulties do you have in the process of building a website? How do you overcome these difficulties?. How do you make your website optimization, you have what steps for the promotion of the website, your website is how to make money, advertising optimization how to do, or you can write it out in the process of establishment of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot and so on, you can only write 100 words, can also write 1000 words. Of course, if you can’t write it, please contact us or contact Admin5 at 0516-83106831 to find the editor.

in addition, we should pay attention to some questions when submitting articles:

1, the title of the article should not be too long or too long. Please use 6 Chinese characters (including letters) or more than 20 Chinese characters (including letters).

2 in order to let you work quickly through the audit, submission shall comply with the relevant layout rules, clear paragraphs, each paragraph please bring punctuation; the title and author, the column model is as follows: make clear; cast

3 article content should have stronger readability, have one