June 2nd, the global Internet information service provider comScore released April 2010 U.S. video report, this month a total of 178 million Internet users in the United States watched 30 billion 300 million videos. 135 million 700 thousand of these viewers watched 13 billion videos on Youtube; Hulu viewers watched an average of 24.7 videos each, with an average of 2.5 hours per view. Network video applications in the United States has been quite popular, is replacing television, a deeper integration into people’s daily life.

      CNNIC according to the recently released "2009 China Network Video Application Research Report" shows that as of the end of 2009, Internet video users reached 240 million, of which nearly 70% users to watch TV less time. More nearly 40 million users for online video only, become network video exclusive users. Although China’s large population base, the proportion of video users is not as good as the United States, but with the gradual popularization of the Internet, the next few years, network video will usher in a new round of growth peaks.

The most obvious manifestation of the high growth of

network video is the spurt development of several big video websites. From Google’s Doubleclick website published the world unique visitors in April TOP1000 list can be seen, along with the domestic video industry of booming development, the industry has three Chinese video site has become the world’s top 50. Most worth mentioning is that Youku has entered the list of the top 20, the site’s average daily number of independent visits (UV) reached 89 million, the average daily visit (PV) is reached 1 billion 700 million. Even more than the flow of well-known portal Sohu. Average daily visits to two or three potatoes and 56 networks are also staggering. CISCO is released data predicted that this year’s video for the first time over P2P traffic king, although there is exaggerated suspicion, but enough to see the current video site growth momentum.


2010 World Cup kicks off next week, and the biggest difference this year is that it will be the first World Cup to be played on a variety of networks. The 2010 World Cup will be a mature development of the World Cup online video broadcast. Around the world cup, a network of video sentinel warfare has also been quietly unfolding. Summer hot world cup and then extended to video broadcast network war, who can be expected during the world cup, seize the opportunity, ingenious innovation, attract more attention, who will grasp the important chips and experience in the next few years video war.

in this fierce competition, not only is the competition for the right to broadcast, but also a competition of innovative ideas. Many of these highlights, Sina’s original video, "Huang Li Li world cup" program advertising revenue has exceeded 20 million yuan, a record Sina video advertising record, becoming a model of World Cup marketing. Although sina is not a pure video site, but Sina in the world cup marketing opportunities

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