the success of the Olympic Games the birth of many dark horse, and whether we need to carefully consider the theme? Go back to our site, your site how to do a dark horse, rushed into the line of sight of people


1. must have plenty of stamina and stamina,

business website itself is a chore, his lack of pace has no ground for blame simulation. To create a dark horse website, we need to constantly update, repeated mechanical work. Once I asked a SEOER master how to rank the site up, he said only one sentence: keep original, persist for 6 months. At first, there was no other way to success. I began to insist on writing the original, but after 1 months, I found that Baidu was very heavy on my website. Baidu snapshot almost every day is the latest, and sent the article will be included in a few hours later. Ji’nan website construction keywords Baidu ranking also rose to second. Of course, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard. There are 4 months to insist on me, sufficient physical strength and perseverance is a prerequisite for creating a group of dark horse.

2. keen observation and precise judgement

million army through the single plank bridge scene, presumably everyone has some experience, in today’s form, websites are scrambling to rank first. An Internet era was born out of a kind of artistic conception and the situation on the road to success, we need to learn a keen observation and accurate judgment of the military adviser Zhu Geliang. When various sites are over optimize site, you can follow the mix when the major sites are using Baidu Post Bar machine, to promote the student to the friends of their own website, you must see the essence reflected behind. Good fighters require our keen observation, and a successful model requires us to observe and summarize. A pattern of failure is precisely what we need to judge. The dark horse is born to do the backing of wisdom.

3. make a group of elite " nag " friends do auxiliary

The story of

‘s Pony crossing the river must be known to everyone as a fast running pony. It is necessary to have some experienced and knowledgeable old friends. My website once troubled: Baidu snapshot not update, every day can send original, Baidu is not included, Baidu ranking is very stable in the back row of obscure location… A series of embarrassing trouble upset with my thoughts. At this time, in the online understanding of a group of elite friends, they like pointing out the country, for your guidance, guidance, advice. Sure enough, half a month later, according to " nag " the way they say, the site has leapt to the dark horse ranks. People make the same industry sit up and take notice, felt houshengkewei ah.

I am now a group of calves, not afraid of tiger ponies, still running madly in accordance with the above 3 methods. I don’t know whether I will succeed tomorrow or whether I will fail the day after tomorrow. The road ahead requires us to forge ahead and stay on the way too long. Want your web

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