has been doing electronic business for so long, and has always wanted to say something about his heart in this respect. In the evening, I have been thinking about this problem. I just finished writing it in one breath.

in recent years, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to build their own e-commerce platform, but do not know how to start, today I would like to talk about some of their ideas in this regard.

one, clear goals, what kind of platform to do,


electronic commerce website from the perspective of subdivision is divided into several, such as production enterprises may need a display site, you need to put your products on this site and then let their customers through the web site will be able to know what we have new products in the market, which has not produced goods etc.. For pure Internet Co, we need not only a platform to display the goods, but more importantly, to allow users to successfully purchase goods on the website, we are more inclined to online sales. Clear what kind of platform enterprises need, we can begin to build their own online mall.

two, where do you start,


have no contact with the Internet or not to operate independently and have a complete project, at a loss on how to carry out a new project, usually this kind of people will be through a variety of ways to understand how to do a lot of shopping mall, the answer may end the first going in the right direction. In fact, building a B2C mall is not as difficult as it seems. As long as you know what you need, you can do it well.

the most basic B2C mall system architecture


this is one of the most basic system structure in the mall, mall before we can think about what we need to support the basic function of website? So we thought will certainly need to sell things online commodity upload up, can upload pictures, edit the commodity information, modify the price, inventory and so on. Upload things up, we want to allow users to see the goods we sell, you need a commodity display system to display our goods one by one in front of the user. The user wants to buy? We need a membership system can let our members to manage their distribution information, be able to love the goods to add to your collection, click after the purchase, the need for a payment interface for members to choose their own way of payment to complete the transaction, pay after the completion of our need an order management system for our customer service staff can be seen in the background who bought what goods, the relevant departments should do next what work and so on, this is a simple process, think there may be other suitable features waiting to be discovered.

, three, of course, is not the end "

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