group purchase fire ah, a few months time, hundreds of Web sites it seems everyone got angel investment, have declared a world that I was the biggest, and made me confused, I want to dive in, one day it may hit a big, also threw me some money. Because of this, the cost is too low, a host of just a few hundred yuan, the domain name of tens of dollars, a SNS on the line, the construction cost will not exceed $five hundred, so the access threshold, even if I want to say no money nor rookie, of course, the station was built up to begin operation the first, must first find sources, where to find, wholesale market? This seems to be in the clothing group purchase it, the electronic market, which is engaged in electronic, but can you guarantee that you are the lowest in the city to get you this price? Of course, you can also choose to Alibaba looking for businesses, but can you guarantee quality,


circle of people, everywhere advertising circle, looking for your shopping for people interested in, you have so much energy to the major forum or other places to advertise? Or you have money to invest a huge advertising? There is an absolute thing, can you guarantee the group purchase price, the price is the most attractive? Now the competition is so fierce, no money to run, you not only futile, will provoke criticism.

customer service service, if you are in the local to take the goods, it’s easy, but there is a problem, how to do the postage, all by the buyer? Not too realistic, all by you? You have a big deficit, each half, you are not comfortable, especially when you find businesses in Alibaba the.

profit model, how to profit, this is a place in any site with a problem, you have the group purchase price low, how to charge? Charge membership fees? Come on, so many network group purchase this one of you, not bad, the price of the goods. This kind of you have no group purchase advantage, unless you are really able to grasp very accurate profit boundary.

The risk of

, once the group purchase commodity problems, how to solve? You’re not the maintenance department, your group purchase products you are not well versed in all sorts of strange things, and if your partner in a noisy, you may not your customer is not responsible for it, you have to bear the loss, you may profit from 100 yuan. But this commodity is 1000 yuan, especially as this kind of electronic products repair high things, you will The loss outweighs the gain.

I don’t think it’s very thorough, but please go to the station where you want to know these questions.

1, sourcing

2, promotion

3, after sale service,

4, profit model

5, risk

so, group purchase is the fire, the fire was not, once burning, will seem to be warming the earth a few degrees Celsius, but the fire is over, bring, it will be cold in the ice age, are you ready for it? In math last lesson, now the college entrance examination, I wish all the college entrance examination station >

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