diving for a long time, could not help but breathe out, closed network experienced about a period of time, it is also a grassroots webmaster, several years of keeping a station, like feeding a petite child, every morning, got up to feed the secretarial chowder web site, buy the chain increase the weight, write soft adding outside chain, a golden egg, always wanted to be a golden eggs. I do stand, dare not go one step beyond.

remember, the beginning is to check for the record, my heart is very calm, my secretary chowder network should be all right, all kinds of procedures complete. Be wanted, one day in December suddenly open, a phone call to ask the server administrator, that is to check the record, sealed, what specific time releasing administrator at a loss?.

according to common sense, always think no problem, it should not be sealed for too long. However, I can not think of the past 24 hours, the site still can not open. No way, change the server, otherwise my Links will be removed, I collected will not, my flow is not, the day the mood is bad to the pole, I eat well, can’t sleep, thought is the only website secretarial chowder. Do the webmaster can understand my mood at that time is the hardships, a station to get out, can not say no. Linked to a server, the website is in turn, take shelter in the storm. The problem is to get out of the database, the administrator only help me backup in November 15th after opening the database, just the archives of history, but it is better than nothing, later proved the necessity of the transfer network, this time to check the whole record closed for three days, three days after the re opened, that did not turn network the loss is certainly not small. The three day for me, really tough feeling.

at this time I found the importance of backup databases, even if the site does not, and then apply for a domain name, the site will take root. Without a database, my years of hard work would be reduced to nothingness. Backup database should pay attention to, I just eat a loss, unable to backup data, the reason is that in the Tencent browser, always cannot always backup, copy or poor ten, can not shutdown. So I suggest the webmaster not to use this browser backup database, change a browser just fine.

waves are not flat, wave after wave. A few days later, my website and not open, the reason is hung up nine wins advertising, there are Adult supplies, this one and a half a day, so suggest the webmaster, want to get the very period, a few pence, need not take block price. You can put some game pop, don’t play ball, put the adult dating, beauty video, Adult supplies, many of these are illegal, is to earn a few money, or secretarial chowder network is important, I think, the webmaster can grasp the severity of the.

hasn’t been stable for a few days. The Secretary chowder is closed again. A check, the original manager said that I have a few articles illegal characters, the master sun drying out, one is: * * illegal possession. The administrator thinks that * * * is an illegal word, and this one should be deleted. There is a **> shelter

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