from the delivery worker to the webmaster of the 4 websites, someone will ask, this delivery worker has nothing to do with the webmaster, actually, this thing is my own thing. Everyone knows a story, from slaves to generals. Well, I won’t digress from the topic. Just talk about me,

I started contacting the Internet in May 2003. Before that time, I was a real Nanjing Zhujianglu Road delivery man. Riding a bike, to help companies to send what computer supplies and so on, what print paper ah, ink cartridges, etc., light, goods better, the most afraid is to send paper. Goods is a few hundred pounds, to ride dozens of kilometers, the road to other companies. This is sour, bitter taste, I will not say, too much too much.

in April 2003, I quit the company, when the national SARS period, the work is difficult to find, other companies are not hiring. Living in the house for half a month, the delivery worker himself is not high wages. That’s a few hundred dollars. In the end, even the rent has no way to pay. (the rent I am not the people of Nanjing, May), I was occasionally seen in the power in the move. I don’t care about 37 or twenty-one. I’ll run in and apply for it. To tell you the truth, I didn’t bring anything. I didn’t even have my resume. (people in the poor, what courage has, as long as you don’t do anything illegal in China) recruitment requires a minimum of secondary school, I am poor culture of junior high school. Ha ha, otherwise I won’t go to deliver the goods. In China I apply, apply for the three time, eventually they agree with me to the company’s director of work. The reason is that I am willing to bear hardships and stand hard work, not afraid of difficulties. It’s not my qualifications. Because I could only be a salesman at that time.

‘s first day at work is company training. My computer ah, what domain name, space, website construction of knowledge, to tell the truth, I was not even how to open the computer are not mere trash. But I still listen to it seriously. People go home around 9 in the evening, and I’m going to be over 11. (not in others, secretly use computer, I am afraid to laugh at others) so I use a strength I use very effort to learn. It can be said that I almost always results in our new row to the top three (at that time may well do Internet business now, my month is 20 W it) so I have stayed in this year’s time. Later I found that in the not for me (the mystery I will not say


then I turned to several Internet companies. By now, I have been opening an Internet company for two years, and I opened it myself at the end of 2006. Now I will do my own website, the procedures of the site, and send text messages such as a group of products. By the end of 07 the development of my own 100 push network promotion and 2008 do push network, ICT, website construction site four. The average traffic of these 4 sites is almost 1000IP, and PR is 3, too. Although not very good kind, but I am also happy. Must be from a delivery worker to 4 webmaster. < >

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