today is the fifth day of the new year, the first year of the ox to wish everyone the most favorable auspices, safe and sound all year round I saw recently! Online articles are identical, not even the survival and development of hacker website article! Today is to talk about the hacker website profit mode and development form


in 2009, there will be more and more users to join the network, there are more and more people interested in the hacker! Because they are mysterious, they are equal to anything this reason, online! Evokes curiosity about hackers, hackers remind people worship, think they are the dominant


actually this view is wrong, in fact, hackers are also ordinary people, why are they so mysterious, because they know the danger of "social engineering", what is "social engineering"? You can go online to check out


hackers don’t admit to being hackers because they’re afraid of revealing their whereabouts, revealing their identities, and so on, so people feel like they’re mysterious.

sorry, it’s a little far away. Let’s look at the development trend of the hacker website,

hacker website seems to have checked these years is becoming more and more tight, hackers are aware of the risk of a webmaster, they are in the transformation efforts, to other direction of transformation,

the first trend: hackers to Wangzhuan site of the most in the direction of transformation, you can on the so-called "hackers" on the website to see, they are selling VIP members to make money, like here is graph king view "user demand = website profit point

second trends: the hacker website and a small part to the development of the game, here is the website that no molding, hacking in no market, they to enter the game, get some game Trojan, game plug-in to collect the money VIP

third trends: hacker sites also have a small part of the development of computer network technology, hacker technology itself is a technology, they go to the computer and network technology development is taken for granted!

above is now a few trends in the development of hacker networks, then their profit way is endless,

!Those who

Shoutu first is on the network, they don’t just want to rely on technology, some refuse to deceive users, must not on them when they changed! Embarrassing hacker website profits, some large sites are affected, because their power is already very large, the visibility is very high, is suffering some technology and the rise of new

website!We say that the

hacker website profitable way, I think it will sell the VIP thing, it is self destructive future, what is a hacker slogan? Free, sharing! Those sites such unscrupulous open to sell VIP, make a lot of learners’ bad intentions, they think that hackers are selling their intellectual property, selling their services >.

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