search engines are always missing something on our website. And these things, if it happens to be our carefully planned, the focus of the site, it would be a little pity. Network promotion is always improving, but there are several classic ways that are always popular, such as mail marketing. But popularity is popular, but the success rate of mail marketing, that is, sensitivity to customers, has always stayed at a specific level, it is difficult to improve.

The weakness of

‘s mail marketing is: first, it’s easy to define spam. Just as we open our own or company’s mailbox every morning, some messages are read or not, deleted directly. Including spam, folders and ordinary folders, one glance is advertising mail. This definition includes the judgment of the mailbox system itself and the first judgment of the individual. That is to say, if you want your product to appear on the desktop of potential customers, you must escape the judgment of these two points.

second is to look for a needle in the ocean. You may send mail to ten thousand mailboxes every day, but how many of these ten thousand potential customers do you have? 100 or even 10 are very likely, and sometimes not even one.

how to solve these two problems, increase the probability of potential customers? I after several years of painstaking research, kekepengpeng also summarizes some practical experience. To share with you, I hope these are beneficial for all webmaster.

first: readable mail is always the most popular.

my website is China speech network, which is customized for speech, training and official documents. Of course, when I do promotions, I start with profitable advertising words and get the fastest results. But email marketing is not. If I send a letter titled "provide document service for your manuscript China speech customization", may soon be at the recycling station, because the title does not contain can cause customer interest keywords, does not exist to make the reader become our potential customers can. However, if I have called a "world famous speech one hundred" title, the content including the world political, financial, social scientists and celebrities from all walks of life speech, neat layout, punctuation is clear, the customer is not considered a pie in the sky? — equivalent to adding a celebrity speech. What’s more, this kind of document that combines the speeches of successful people from all walks of life is also interested in reading in all walks of life. This is equivalent to the potential customer base of its own expanded by a hundred times. In this case, at the beginning and end of the document, header, footer and so on, plus your own website links and introduction, promotion success is a matter of course. Also, your potential customers will remember your heart and expect something interesting from your next email.

second, take a little more time and sort out the addresses you want to send.


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