from the general trend of the network as well as the overwhelming discussion came out, I suddenly feel that the Internet real name system seems to open wide network spilled to the whole country.

in May 1st 09, Hangzhou took the lead in this step, I do not know whether this is the vane of the advancing age or the pilot station of limited times.

Chinese Millennium tradition is the route, not early, do not bow, bland, not fast nor slow, this is Chinese 1.outwardly mensao.

the golden mean is silence, as Mr. Lu Xun said, the Chinese mean silence to the end is nothing but two stages, one is the outbreak, and the other is death.

from the reality of speech acts of view, China is a step toward the stew, plus the bones of hundred-percent Mensao, the family is born — usually braised stuffy wordless great things encountered fire, burning themselves, is likely to lead to Jihuo sweeping, dare not tell, do not want to say, it is no! The performance to the extreme death in the silence of


at this time, the network appeared, can erupt, can vent, can anonymous him, he, hair, write, vent. Free speech comes from here. There is no limit to what you want to say.

make a hypothesis, at this time, the real name, limited. That can only be done without saying anything.

from the eyes of Lin Zexu to see the world, and later to the reform and opening up, China has been looking forward, looking outward at a development. Now, if you limit the development of the network, you can’t tell whether you want to go abroad or be entangled in the Internet.


some people would say that the real name does not have any restrictions on the development, which is in the purification of the network environment.

I think it is very one-sided to say so:

first, 09 years ago, the year after last to rectify the Internet action, is our government’s greatest determination to purify the internet.

second, the development of the Internet is to provide a can see, can say, can be the kind of platform, relying on this platform, we are willing to say yes, so the Internet will be profitable and development.

third, if the real name system can really purify the network environment, then there is no need for schools and detention centers. Moderators, the webmaster go to the priest, so purification will be faster. In fact, the social status, education level, quality based, cause economic problems and so on created such a unit of a society of such people, then there would be a rush, spitting and yelling match. And such a society of the Internet, even if it is the real name system, can only be said, do not say, more say less.

fourth, where is the advantage of the real name system? First of all, to reduce Internet fraud, or at least dare not blatant deception. The second is to reduce false information and reduce network abuse.

, wait, suppose a person is in the net

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