mentioned in the above, why choose this meter, the reason is actually very simple, it is the same as 163, only 3 bytes, good remember. I don’t want to be found because my domain name is hard to remember.

a good domain name can only make him rich by his website.

accidentally discovered that so many people had read novels in the Internet, it can be used to describe the surging river, in an unbroken line.

to think of one thing that happened in the past, colleagues rescued in the deep zone of the swimming pool because a woman foot cramps drowning, when he wondered how lifeguards are not out of the rescue, found the lifeguard hides in the corner to be absorbed in the Internet using a mobile phone to read the novel, even some people don’t know the water drowning.


went back to business, and when he first started making novel websites, he encountered bottlenecks. The source of the article or the question of the content, in addition to the style of the page, the content of the web site is the same, I have, in fact, there are also novels, I do not have, and other novel stations may also have. Not the first to eat crab, want to have advantages, we must rely on innovation. Then I came up with celebrity effects. The queen Willber Pan, Pepsi Louis Koo, OLAY Maggie Cheung…… But I don’t mean to ask a star to help me show it. I hold an advertisement with a loud voice, such as ", your best choice", "are you 701 today?" and so on and so forth. I invited a famous writer in the literary world to publish his article for the first time in my novel and publicize it vigorously, and many readers flocked to it. After one stage, everyone gradually became familiar with my website and left many clients.

in addition, there is a little experience to share with you.

entrepreneurship and development are inseparable. This website novels and all sites are the same, must be updated regularly, preferably before the others, think about when a reader in reading eagerly serialized novel, with Baidu search, found from your website, and the website of others that have not been updated. He’s sure to choose you. Instead of waiting until he likes to love what site has to go to see. So, your heart is not a pleasant sensation?. Usually also pay more attention to more inquires, see what novel is the most popular. They are in the hands of one meter, will become a feast.

a good domain name, some one emerge in an endless stream of ideas, than those who are diligent in work diligently update their site network laoniao. Let 701 develop in full swing.

, is my hope for you, wise remark of an experienced person, bring some harvest.

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