last weekend, the market began to rumors that Ali will stake in Sina, micro-blog. The well-known IT commentator said Ali Cheng Ling Feng will account for Sina micro-blog 15-20% shares, which is valued at 20-30 billion dollars. This rumor has not yet been confirmed (according to Cheng Lingfeng’s statement, both sides will certainly rumor), but I am willing to start with this rumor, to analyze the current plight of sina, micro-blog, as well as its possible way out.

first see if there is any basis for the rumor. Two months ago, I had a bet with my friend that Ali would take sina. Then I put this Duyue told the tiger sniffing founder Li Min, she advised me to write a piece of analysis because I won’t say so without any cause or reason and sound judgment is fantastic. In fact, it does not drink nonsense, to see a merger, both with and without such motivation.


, look at Ali first.

this is basically a virtual commercial real estate model for the electricity supplier group. It does not have much advantage in three directions. First, search; second, the media influence; third, social.

search on Ali did not have to worry too much, after various efforts, Ali Taobao has become a closed ecosystem, the external dependence on search engine is very low, while its own search has become an extremely scarce resource. In such a situation, Ali does not have to do any independent search.

Ali tried socially, but he was not very successful. Electricity supplier shopping guide website external (beauty and for it has been a threat: it’s built in a closed ecological dug several holes. If the big Taobao system is not closed, many seemingly scarce resources (such as home ads) will not be scarce immediately, so they will shake the revenue.


market has been rumored to Ali blocked shopping guide Station (but also no sealed), not to say beautiful has certain influence, they dare not imagine Ali letter Ali blocked on Baidu, but its little in the field of social contribution, is the core problem.

media influence Ali is very scarce, when one of Damour’s fingers, YAHOO China basically defeated. In the event of Alipay, or Wei Zhe incident, believe that Ali learned this. Although some unreal media influence cannot form of money, but no words is always an uncomfortable thing. In particular, Ali’s family, Ma has a show and preaching habits, there is no media, it is always very inconvenient. Ali invested a few small media, but the real influential media, or not.

, Sina, micro-blog, both media and social two dimensions, the former is still a bit stronger. Some playing micro-blog marketing good shops, there is no longer rely on Taobao’s internal resources, this possibility. Ali is motivated to incorporate it into the bag, or at least in one camp.

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