for most traditional enterprises, a website is basically equivalent, so do a "Facade", for the flow of things, most of the small and medium-sized companies are luxury. Some companies that SEO can improve the rankings, so he hired a "network promotion", some enterprises also heard that Baidu for good, so he opened a bidding account, not only to make money, also appeared continuous loss.

It is so difficult to

the traditional business into the Internet? Gehangrugeshan, the lack of a correct direction, spend more money, also only as a lesson. Today, this article challenges 2017, hoping to bring some different insights into the Internet’s integration into traditional businesses.

1. Correctly control the flow of funds to

as the saying goes, is best suited to their own, some time ago a come to me for the diagnosis of SEO customers, is a standard enterprise station, due to the use of pseudo static treatment, take up the space of Web is less than one hundred trillion, but opened a 50GB cloud server. Apparently, he was 50 times as much money as the pit, because the extra stuff was simply not necessary!


traditional enterprises into the Internet, what kind of thing is unnecessary consumption? Do not blindly consumption, can not see the actual value, and then big enterprises, the time will be desperate to the dark.

A, a trusted certification? Forget where in the beginning of the company, more and more under the banner of "site safety certification under the guise of charge, don’t give money to be safe, not a liar? Some unknown so, every year in these certification should be spending several million yuan. In fact, the site only need to do: the Ministry of certification, and some need the local public security network prepared on the OK, the statutory certification is not charged,


B, the cost of website construction. The website construction circle now is really a mess, some of the low price high price can reach two or three thousand, six digit. But is the gap really that big? There are some gaps, but definitely not so far off the mark.

A5seo Project Manager He Guijiang is here to say: a standard enterprise display station, if the charge is more than 6000, then the other absolutely put you when the godfather. Even find some part-time technology to do, within 3000 to fix a completely tall, all aspects of the function of a sound site.

C, Baidu Baidu bid for promotion, did people know that this is a money machine to eat, do not understand the rational use will only make ends meet, He Guijiang suggested: small and medium-sized enterprises try to find some of the low precision of the long tail word competition to do the bidding, take the word "SEO" in terms of it, his index every day to reach 8000, but how many of them is to buy SEO services? Less and less, and if the switch to the "SEO service diagnosis" such concrete? Obviously people can be further divided. Enterprises should make "small and fine" words for the development of competitive bidding

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