today, a member of the website greeted me and said, "I’m a new player on the site."……". At this point, I suddenly realized that the direction of the development of the website seems to be a little offset. A local website, originally supposed to be based on local information and information, is now a platform for games.

games here refer to various applications developed by third parties in SNS. This article takes UCenter Home 1.5RC3 program platform as an example.

After the

upgrade program, the original version of the hidden menu is displayed on the left, all the default game that emerge in its totality. After the upgrade, the game was driven by a doubling of the site PV, which was intended to permanently retain at least 100 games on the left menu.

In later practice,

gradually discovered that it was not a wise thing to do so. Although these game applications led to the growth of PV, but the website’s flagship brand column seems to be gradually diluted. Don’t you see the site filled with dynamic application of dynamic game of every hue: not "Zhang San today login parking dispute game will receive 200 yuan game currency", "Li is the four sale of the 5 farms, the profit of 40 million yuan. The third – party virtual game takes pride in the upper hand, while the core values and spirit of its Web site are nowhere to be found.

I think the game is just like wine for local SNS:

1, do not drink wine with. Game applications are one of the general features of SNS, and every SNS platform has hundreds of applications. By the third party development, SNS platform audit, and then push to every webmaster applications, in fact, is endless, no end;

2, moderate drinking is good for your health. Game applications are a way for SNS to interact and adjust the atmosphere. Most of these applications have the common characteristics of ranking, integration and invitation. Through these links, they can inadvertently increase the enthusiasm of user participation, and can actively communicate with friends.

3, alcohol drinking, physical and mental harm. Although a wide variety of gaming applications, but also has a certain positive role, but if the site for these functions, blindly to the user in the game guide, this will adversely affect the development of the website.

(1) game applications, although you can in a short time to amass strong popularity, a lot of SNS PV can reach IP dozens of times. But this is just false prosperity. The stickiness that the game causes to the user is easy to desalt, the popularity that the game draws up is often come quickly, walk quickly too. Once the user of these games lost interest, they will go off in a huff;

(2) of the strong promotion game application easy blinders, users ignore other channels, forum. If the user arrives at the website, everywhere is the game dynamics, very easy to neglect the website own brand column. Not to mention the atmosphere of the forum community

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