in recent years, the country has been calling the enterprise out of the door, but also a large number of enterprises have gone out, such as HUAWEI, such as Haier. In the light of the current situation, individuals feel that we should respond to the "going out" strategy of our country. Now the domestic circle has been killed in a foreign environment utterly routed, is not good, it is also a blue ocean compared to us. And sit still here, let’s take a fight, adhere to the strategy of going out.

first of all, if you want to go out, many webmaster will say: "my language barrier, you let me how to go out", in fact, I think this is an excuse. No man is perfect, no gold is pure, have to go out of the station is not all pass through language. We do stand Human effort is the decisive factor., webmaster, you do not need to communicate face-to-face with foreigners. Paste copy everyone will always, science and technology so developed today, I do not believe you can not find a good translation tool. So, want to insist on going out of the webmaster, please don’t always language barrier, this reason on the tip of the tongue. We just do stand, you just need to present the content to the readers abroad. Today, I’ll join you to analyze the advantages of walking.

first, there are a lot of foreign alliances. Even if we don’t choose GG, there are still a lot of foreign alliances. Such as BID, such as CJ, CB. Good League, more. Moreover, foreign alliances have been developed and perfected. They are more mature and stable than domestic alliances. Therefore, we are unable to compare the status quo of a congenital advantage.

second, the space abroad is very cheap, this is obvious to everyone. In the country, the 1 G space sold 200 yuan, limit you to do a station, we all feel very cheap, but the heart of the IDC will, your IIS limit is very low, but this 1G space still sell very fire. Want to compare, the space abroad is often unlimited flow, unlimited station, unlimited flow, ha ha, I saw the first time is also can not believe, so this is out of the second advantages. The advantages of low cost.

third, the environment of foreign governance network is very loose relative to domestic. Even if you do that station, as long as it is not to do children, no problem, ha ha, here is not to encourage you to engage in that kind of station ah, just to give an example. In foreign countries, buy domain name is very cheap, especially the kind of top depressed. And do not have to record, this saves a lot of time for the majority of webmaster. Ha ha, this kind of atmosphere in the country is never want to get.

fourth, or foreign Union, here is to say "go out", you will find foreign union unit price is very high. Some high priced words, a click can even reach $100, ha ha, do not believe that we can go to Baidu, Google SOSO look. In comparison, the domestic situation is dwarfed. Not to mention the garbage unions.

fifth, the way foreign websites make money is different from domestic ones. The present contact >

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