I do sports website promotion, met some sports website webmaster friend. Because a few days ago sent two websites to promote the article, there are some sports website webmaster friend asked me to write about sports website promotion method. In fact, the promotion of sports websites is not very different from those promoted by the websites I wrote before.

first of all, when you do promotion plan, you should make sure your website’s market positioning and user positioning. What kind of user groups are appropriate to understand where these users are clustered?. Then work out your promotion plan. Sports websites are different from other types of websites, and his users are some sports fans and some fans. Unlike those entertainment sites, their user groups are more extensive, do not carefully analyze the user groups, can get good promotion effect. Let me just say I’m a part of the WSN- World Wide Web promotion.

according to the above circumstances, promotion methods can be divided into:

1: forum posting promotion method

personally, I think BBS promotion is the simplest, the lowest threshold, the fastest way to promote learning. Is also the first kind of network learning method, but it is also very practical. Or to some of the preparatory work before the promotion before the Forum promotion, for example, to collect some consistent with the theme of community forums, or some version of the area is relatively large flow sorted out, and then prepare the corresponding posts to go to these places to post promotion. In the promotion, it is necessary to analyze those forums, communities can get good IP traffic, PV conversion high. Then focus on these places, post promotion. In writing promotion soft Wen, or quote other people good article, to clever with your web site.

Another way to promote

forums is to use hot material to promote. Doing sports network is nothing more than football, NBA, FI racing, and some sports enthusiasts like sports. Is to go to some video sites, looking for some of the latest event video every day, hot spot video. Refer to your website. And then to the collection of some of the forum community to post promotion, in fact, this post is very simple, an attractive title, dozens of words content, plus video link address. This post is the place where the most suitable post, such as Baidu Post Bar, as long as the new event information, it is not timely to delete, because it must be the team’s fans, he will click on the link to see the latest fighting. By all means do not send some false information link, angered the consequences of Baidu, I think webmaster friends are all know. Besides, some skills in the forum promotion. Remember to change the vest to top posts in your post after the success of manufacturing some debate replies, provoked netizens say post, so you also save a lot of top post work, such a thing Why not?.

2:, the main

QQ group promotion method

was with a few days ago

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