in the past two years, one of the hottest topics about Google is the Google sandbox effect (Sandbox Effect).

"sandbox effect" means that the new site in Google, it is difficult to get a good ranking, no matter how you optimize the site. In other words, a new website can have a wealth of related content, and can have a large number of high-quality links, the site is both search engine friendly, and user friendly, everything is optimized very well. But for a while, it’s hard to get a good ranking in Google.


Google Sandbox is a bit like a probationary period for a new website. During this period of probation, the new website can hardly get a good ranking under the more competitive keywords.

The phenomenon of

was first noticed in March 2004. Sandbox effects are more likely to occur on sites with more competitive keywords. Those less commercial, less competition keywords, the occurrence of sand box phenomenon is relatively small.

although sandbox effect is the hottest topic in one or two years, but so far, no one can confirm the existence of sandbox effect, Google has never affirmed or denied. Some people think that the sandbox effect itself is an independent filtering algorithm, all new sites ranking temporarily behind.

also thinks that the sandbox effect is just an effect or phenomenon. It is not a filter in itself, but a phenomenon caused by many other ranking factors. For example, Google did take into account the age of the link and the history of the link page in the last one or two years. There is also the speed at which websites get links. If a website gets a large amount of links in a short time, Google will suspect that the links are purchased or obtained by cheating. Together with these time related factors, this sandbox may be created for new sites.


has different opinions about the nature of Sandbox, it is generally believed that this phenomenon exists because it can be observed.

Most people in

believe that Google creates this Sandbox effect in order to clean up those junk sites. Usually, these spam sites quickly buy large amounts of links, get good rankings, and earn money after they’ve been discovered, and websites have been deleted or punished. But these people do not care, the domain name has been abandoned, and began to do another new web site.

after Google began to appear in Sandbox, it is possible that most of these junk site manufacturers are impatient, and wait for his website to come out of the sandbox, so as not to build these garbage sites.

usually sandbox effect will last six months, >

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