Recently, Baidu

and Google AdSense of neurological disorders, price decline, let this God of the individual owners miserable, has been more and more owners choose the "half" leave! There are good friends, QQ friends in similar characters, today I will choose a maybe many webmaster familiar people talk about the so-called

webmaster story!The

QQ class webmaster circle maybe a lot of people are familiar with the name of a cricket: brother, who is common in a variety of elite and non elite types of non mainstream or QQ webmaster exchange group met with the brother of cricket! Very accidental, is inevitable, it was two years ago, the QQ website development, in order to make a living, with this type of Web "gold rush tide"! When my website has been a little when I searched for the link, at this time, I met all brother.

Gradually familiar with

and cricket brother, let me have more and more understanding of the time of the 2004 is only the small cattle owners, employees of a Zhejiang printing and dyeing factory, but at that time the company to contact with only a few units can be networked computer, during this period, let him from a network of blind people to become familiar with the network, there is a certain on the basis of. Play a personal blog, and gradually do not meet the fixed published logs, he wants to do a truly own site


"find free space" is an indispensable part of the rookie period also became the main task of cricket brother, looking for foreign space for the Russian free domain name, quietly doing personal station, of course, numerous owners often encounter problems, free space suddenly closed, but in a relatively tight economic situation the period may only start that may at any time at any time off the site.

Admin5 is not to expose edge, into the period behind the mainstream webmaster position, cricket brother joined them, a QQ space article so that he has decided to do a QQ website.

Everything is ready

free space, free domain name, three days and nights of sleep, finally completed a satisfied QQ website, but unfortunately, after the half his three days and nights without sleep, results spent nearly one hundred million yuan of net to do work, in a closed cricket no brother! Discouraged, but continue to change a space, with his memory before restoration efforts will the web page, the page will be ready to save brother cricket into the mailbox in the annex. It is free of charge, even in the website to reach tens of thousands of IP, without any hint of closed, after replacement was closed, many of the domain name, let the confidence of cricket brother couldn’t insist on free space position.

determined the cricket brother first registered the domain name (if you do not understand this website owners may say the name so rubbish! But if you have done the QQ class website, then you must know how much he is fucking great, buy the first) business space, stability and speed ascension, let brother in a cricket burst out of the infinite shock.

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