network wide publicity, many audiences, has become everyone’s consensus.


, but many enterprises built website found that the site and not so beautiful as legend! The role of Marketing Co., just play a more inexpensive brochure, instead of what do not have to spend salary salesman


, what’s the problem? Why hasn’t there been our ideal state,


problem is at both ends: the web site built by the enterprise itself and the site builder.


1. site has less content and does not update

is mainly the general enterprise pays more attention to its own business, seldom takes the time, and carries on the website operation and the promotion with the manpower. For example, there are many corporate websites with dynamic messaging systems, but there are few companies that maintain very high frequency updates.

tricolor hints: our website generally network visibility is small, very few people can find our website directly. The vast majority of site visitors are searched through Baidu /Google search a number of words. So it is very important to be included in the search engine. If the amount of information on the site is small, the articles to be collected will be less, and the chances of being searched are less. (and the current technology, search engines can only identify text, images, videos, Flash information). So our website must add a lot of information content.

When the

search engine finds the site, it regularly comes to the site to find new content. If the update is slow, the search engine will not pay attention to this site. 1 new items a day are better than 90 updates in a month.

2. site structure is not optimized,

this is not the main reason for the enterprise, this is mainly site service providers, only know the site, I do not know the good structure of the impact of network marketing. The content of the site is difficult to be included in the search engine.

builds a website that requires a clear structure. The main link in the station structure is clear, can come out from a page, you can link to all pages of all web pages. In other words, no matter which page is included in the search engine, it can find all the pages of the whole site from this page. This will effectively include the content of the site.

and the simpler the path, the better. Similarly, isn’t it very clear to our visitors,


3. web page is not optimized,

this is not entirely the cause of the enterprise.

what are the key words on each page, such as article title, content, search engine, not human, how does it know? How does it decide to rank some articles in front of it?

it will be judged by the code of the page. >

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