Abstract: 16 billion, 46 billion, 100 billion…… In fact, behind the numbers of the American group, it may not be exactly what Wang Xing described as positive energy. Recently, the "conspiracy" behind the high sales of the US group opened the dark history of the US group in order to hit the high sales volume.


16 billion, 46 billion, 100 billion……

even in the Internet industry growth, U.S. sales growth speed can be seen as a small miracle, behind this, Wang Xing portrays a professional and efficient for us, both technical and humanistic beauty group.

but in fact, behind the numbers of the American group, it may not be exactly what Wang Xing described as positive energy. Recently, the network spread a wide spread of the "Beauty Group – you are worthy of our trust? (behind the beauty group of high volume" conspiracy ")", as we opened the U.S. mission to the impact of high sales of the dark history, shocking facts.

the death of Chiba beauty group to

, the author tried to contact the hero for the first time, and he explained the whole story to the hero. But as of press time, he had not yet received a response.

according to the text, the protagonist is Weihai Chiba Brazil barbecue boss in its barbecue shop opened at the beginning, to the promotion of cooperation and group, do 100 to 9.9 yuan seckill at first, but because the US group sales and is highly recommended for the professionals of the trust, from the initial seckill promotion the final change to explosion of a single promotion.

19.9 yuan explosion single promotion, indicates that the business is not included in each single manual, stores and other costs, each single loss of nearly 20 yuan.

on line 12 in the small time, businesses are expected to effect has reached the requirements, the U.S. group will order prices, in order to avoid the loss of their own too much, but the U.S. clerk has eroded to various reasons, Chiba has been a single group in the sale of 48 hours, far more than the amount of sales outlets reception.

According to the

store daily maximum capacity 120 people, sold a total sales to Chiba for 7 months to be digested, during this period plus employees, stores and other costs, Chiba has not yet opened, the deficit has been more than 1 million yuan.

beauty group in order to increase sales, regardless of business life, know the costs and losses in the premise condition, the merchant has proposed to improve the price, beauty let merchants begin bleeding, so as to improve the sales objective.

and in addition, during this period, 19.9 yuan of the total sales of a single group of Chiba more than 50 yuan, all in the United States has been sold to the hands of sales after spending the money will be returned to Chiba account.

this is a serious loss to Chiba

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