site navigation now is really common cover, just copy what was the website source, change into their own website, drag that now 114 navigation station and was not as bold copycat program, open innovation and common procedures, the majority of owners, with the development of.

how many are now as some old station influential, why some stations can make money of some stations throughout the unknown to the public, which had caused us to rethink the site, especially on the research of Web site navigation. The same site navigation, it has some differences. There is only one reason: that is culture. Whether they are hao123, 114, 265 and other navigation stations, they have a common characteristic. Their navigation culture is very special, deep inside, plus doing early, publicity in place, so there is such a large user base.

then what is their navigation culture? I think it is a user experience, that is, the structure of the site, layout, font, color, size, etc., are considered ahead of the general website consciousness. This user experience design must be through the use of the vast number of users of the habit of full investigation is feasible. For example, fonts, you say No. 14 or No. 13 font font or font size 12? This is the need to conduct research on different groups of people, young people, like like a character design, and the number 12, but this is only a few people, most people still love the large font, from Sohu, Sina and other major portal page you can see the user’s Internet habits, 14 font is public property. In this way, if you belong to a small number of personality groups, or to sacrifice personal preferences, to meet the public taste.

and secondly, the culture of the name of the website. What is the source of this name? It represents the cultural details. It’s easy for users to remember you. Hao123265 basically belong to the user experience faction, 114 and 998001 site navigation belongs to the name of the cultural sources. 114 familiar, a telephone call center to query all artificial, its significance lies in what the problem directly on the 114 navigation network to solve, also includes 114 guidance station cover and contain everything means; 998001 site navigation is also rich in meaning, deep meaning. Do you know 999*999=? The answer is 998001. The name of the classic formula deeper inspiration from the abacus field, particularly interesting: 99*99=9801999*999=998001, why is 999*999? Means infinite infinite mahayana. More on behalf of Web site, more complete. Plus three main colors of the site: green, orange, blue. On behalf of environmental protection, health, vitality unlimited, pragmatic and calm. After such an introduction, are you worried that someone will not remember it,, so the selection of the website name is also crucial.

every webmaster’s goal of navigating a web site is to do more

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