in the A5 brothers, most have experience of the promotion of soft, soft Wen also know that can bring them what effect, although I write soft experience is not very rich, but I know from the importance of each article, although the SEO is made up from a bit, slowly accumulated, if each article you are very successful, you do not want to have estimated ranking sites difficult. I only remember the teacher said this sentence: Daily published ten articles, a total of 500 articles ready to put these articles, spent two months behind things finished, waiting for the autumn harvest, seemingly simple words, who can know how much one day in 10 original articles about the webmaster the brothers? Write an article, how to judge the success of that? Below we give you a few points inside the analysis:

1, the title of the article with the title of the site: This is a reason, if your website title was very innovative, your ranking may well, we see 58 of his website, each page title is not the same as others, so many people are now 58 to imitate to write website the title. I also have a few articles Title A5 technicians to help me modify my article, which makes hundreds of visits in A5 just a few days, and most reproduced, so one of the title of the article plays a vital role.

2, the content of the article: the article is the same as the content of the website, if you write the contents of the original, the quality is very high, is a lot of peer identity, it is someone else for you admit, you see ZAC written, in the SEO industry by many brothers were highly praised, also be reproduced many large websites, he not only improve the personal reputation, but also improve him a position in the industry. Although my writing level is limited and the expression ability is limited, so we haven’t been as widely spread in the US, but with the increase in the number of articles published, we believe that our website can also have a good ranking in the search engine.

in fact, in my opinion, a soft Wen can be spread widely is one of the best that we are currently in the A5 above to write ten articles of the original article, our station has received relatively good rankings before, this shows the importance of a good article. Here, Shanghai chase 10000 Network Technology Co., Ltd. to thank the platform provided by A5, but also thank the broad masses of the webmaster’s strong support. These are some of my views on the soft text, welcome to discuss.

Author: Shanghai chase WAN network technology Co., Ltd.

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