some time ago, chatted to friend’s Bruce Lee legend station, must have many webmaster friends to have heard or visited this station, when the website peak time, average daily IP nearly 10W. GG income is also considerable, and this also went to rub a meal to eat.

now, the purpose of writing this article is not to promote the station, because it is already in the peak period. It’s not convenient to chat about this station before. In fact, such a station way can also be used to think, the advantages of such sites is that the flow of fast convergence, short-term concern high. The disadvantages are periodicity and periodicity. For example, Bruce Lee legend, after the TV drama hit the period, traffic will fall very fast, and not much value. Of course, Bruce Lee legend webmaster ready to site has TV theme instead of Bruce Lee character station. Like stocks, as well as short-term and long-term points, this kind of site as long as the popular TV series, in its hit site do before, Baidu can be included. The traffic will be easy to move.

The legend of Bruce Lee station before

many people ask what procedures, that is KingCMS, but repeatedly made the horse. The site is large, it will cause a lot of people attack, actually this station has not been too much optimization, only some simple local attention, keep update, the search engine will bring a lot of traffic, but before this site did not seem too many people do, is generally a few big portal will have to the nature of the topic. It’s easy before the search engine comes up.

recently found many similar sites with (, Meteor Garden ( and other sites, are still concerned, if such a site can be successful, you might do as a way station, and site, is also a station group, can transfer traffic and PR.

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