game has been people can not see, first of all, large online game R & D personnel can not see, in their view, simple screen, play monotonous little game, it is difficult in the online games industry set off waves. The second is the online games operators look not on game, don’t consider within their operating range, because it’s too easy to be copied, copycat, even operation, copycat products such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain credit should be snatched half. Furthermore, the senior game player online games is not see game, they most is dessert, or delicacy on the ornament, tasted.

but it is these people who do not see the board game, casual games, puzzle games, today accounted for 1/6 of the online games market share, a total of nearly 10 billion yuan market scale. With these people can not see the small game, the achievements of the QQ game platform, 360 and other well-known game companies and vendors. Therefore, why the small game can set off big waves, the reasons behind it is worth exploring.

The root cause of the success of

Games: human nature,

is both spiritual and biological character. We reflected the advantages of spiritual, kindness, justice, compassion, these advantages at a glance, but at the same time we have a lot of bad quality, which is the weakness of human nature, we are ignoring these weaknesses, if once discovered and excited, has become a lasting continuation of the huge business opportunities. The success of small games is supported by the use of human nature.

boring: so the game is

work will be boring, family life will be boring, social networking boring, almost all careers will have a boring day or a boring moment. Schopenhauer has a brilliant explanation for this: life is full of boredom, pain without satisfaction, and boredom after satisfaction. Because it’s boring, so I need the game. Especially in today’s information and Internet age, online games are a necessary tool for boring. At this point, all the online games have this feature, but large-scale online games can spend a long time and we are often boring, boring is intermittent, half an hour and ten minutes of the boring, so the game has more advantages in send boring can satisfy the user, the fragmentation of time playing the needs of the game. Today, the Internet has entered the era of fragmentation. This is the basic reason why a small game can get a slice of the online game industry.

: so

pay to win

win is a commendatory terms it inspires us, the desire for victory, and is one of the motivation for success. But in online games, what the player seeks is a kind of unearned, speculative victory. In the CS game, accidentally put a shot to each other. In World of Warcraft, grab a fatal mistake, qingchaoerchu. What the player seeks is this victory. Large online games caught the game player eager to win, selling virtual items, with these props, the probability of winning it becomes a big game player. But large online games require players to enter a certain stage

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