webmaster this a wonderful word, and webmaster BBS is webmaster home. We know that the common webmaster forum: the home station, A5, the laggards, search, push, push 28, stand in a row, the real name network marketing, today to visit the search question, see a message only the search network: a new revision, positioning for online video course network marketing. Guardian yuan Kun found another webmaster BBS transformation and upgrading.

there are many of my friends asked how to stand in a row webmaster forum fully transition at the first month, and do the webmaster forum friends ask, why not do the webmaster forum. If it is the webmaster circle of friends should be more clear, the impact of the mobile Internet, from the continuous absorption of the media platform, the rapid development of the user, the electricity supplier, so that more and more webmaster friends transition.


speaking of common webmaster forum, the owners of the house has been in name only, the laggards and several others remember? A push is mainly based on the network marketing training, the 28 began playing WeChat, we stand in a row is in the transition, the real name network marketing is mainly based on the real Internet, mainly based on the walk WeChat. Only A5 has been the same in trading, but also do increase the electricity supplier of the project, search has always insisted on doing the SEO training, the upgrade to the network marketing training system.

mobile Internet development, from the media platform to continue to attract users, the rapid development of electricity providers, more and more friends are willing to borrow the ship directly to the sea. And build your website (take the platform) is not the webmaster can finish, after all, most of the webmaster’s state or go alone. We know that today’s Internet is a team, a circle, is the era of resources, since they can not build the platform, why not borrow other people’s platform


guardian Yuan Kun has said that the Internet marketing first solve the problem of trust, and the trust problem, the first thing to do is to establish their own network brand. So we all play from the media, to open columns, to follow the team, in order to quickly build awareness, in order to quickly build their own brands.

According to

data, more and more friends are not only satisfied with a website, they are what to see and what to do. WeChat is now relatively hot, so the operation of WeChat public number, play WeChat personal number, WeChat marketing various courses have come out. The traditional webmaster forums have to face the transformation and upgrading.

SEO said there are people to end, the people who say to the webmaster bottleneck, search outside the upgrade will also allow more "senior" over comments, don’t build their own website, do not play SEO, we play, we play from the media column, we went to play the electricity supplier, play micro business.

existence is reasonable, and constantly improve the nature, in order to better progress. For the webmaster circle, guardian Yuan Kun think more means of operation, and network >

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