inevitably needs to write some text on the network.

even if you don’t play online, you sometimes have to post and say what you want to say.

, for example, I wrote every day to save time and improve efficiency. I studied how to write an article quickly.

writes this today.

, first of all, you need to figure out what is a good article,

accomplished? Flowery? Grand and magnificent? Or affectation? From the traditional point of view, is indeed the can is a good article.

but now is the era of network, the characteristics of the network era is fast food culture, we need only fast information is received for this information was very good-looking, nobody cares about you, to study the characteristics of red micro-blog know.

more popular articles on the network, there are three characteristics: simple, sufficient material, it is best to be a little naughty.

is a simple language, do not need enough material is literary talent; a large amount of information, can let people know a lot of things; naughty is the language style, the subject of ridicule; generally do two is enough.

well, you know, you don’t have to worry about your own literary talent. You just have to write things clearly, so that’s the simplest structure.

then move on to the first step: outline the main points of what you’re going to tell someone.

, for example, my article is about how to write quickly, so the main point is: write quickly, and then subdivide: one point, two points, three points…… (these points are what they already know, not dreams)

lists the points, give these points to put together some more words (improve persuasion).

if you are writing a thing, then the simplest thing to do is to write in chronological order: cause, process, result. That’s enough.


title can be written at the end. Write a few sentences between the main points and the main points.

An article in

can be viewed as a tree branch, tree trunks and branches, so the key is the trunk, is the most important thing, value, with branches and leaves, in order to let the tree looks more reasonable good.

so, would you like a draft


does not need a plan to fight on the line is in the heart, think about what to write, what is the point, then begin to think clearly, do not change, to develop good habits.

in fact, prewriting is the best, have leisure time to think, want to write, after such a long exercise, will be more and more easily, as long as the heart of the contour can be written out.

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