recently, the famous domestic traffic statistics website "Wulin list" stopped serving

I compare some of my major traffic statistics software:

Yahoo website traffic statistics:

advantages: 1, fast, server stable,

2 major companies offer services that will not worry about suddenly jumping out of any advertising

3 technology team is powerful and has great potential for development

disadvantages: the launch time is not very long, some details remain to be improved, and sometimes the data is not accurate,

Googel Analytics

advantages: 1 GG is safe and reliable,

2 overseas statistics accurate

: 1 there is no Chinese version of

2 is currently in a foreign server, the speed is a bit slow,

3 Statistical interface, a bit complicated, not suitable for the use of webmaster

China Adsense League:

advantages: 1, less advertising,

2, able to analyze foreign IP

3, analysis of the unusual screen resolution

disadvantages: 1, antecedents statistics and search engine statistics can not be correctly counted, useless,

2, after installation, the page shows a decrease in speed, browser warning "block cookie send"

3, many statistical items are not labeled for PV statistics, or for IP statistics,

advantages: statistical items are more than

disadvantages: 1, the interface is relatively simple,

2, after installation, the page shows a decrease in speed, browser warning "block cookie send"

3, there was a depth of statistics, I think it’s quite useful, but my number of updates have been included, not very accurate,

therefore, after a comprehensive comparison, we recommend the use of YAHOO statistics, although there are some shortcomings, but the use of assured, reassuring, do not worry about slow down the site speed problems.

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