keywords location, density, processing:

Keywords appear in

1:URL (English)

2: keyword appears in the title of the page (1-3)

3: keywords appear in keyword tags (1-3),

4: describe the keyword in the tag (the main keyword repeats 2 times)

5: the content of the natural occurrence of keywords

6: the first and last paragraphs of the content appear keywords

The keyword

appears in the

7:H1 and H2 Tags

8: export link anchor text containing keywords

9: the file name of the picture contains the keyword

The keyword

appears in the

10:ALT property

11: keyword density 6-8%

12: to keyword bold or italic

content quality, update frequency and correlation:

1: original content is best, avoid by all means reproduced content

2: content independence, and other pages at least 30% different

3:1000-2000 word, proper segmentation

4: regular updates, preferably

per day

5: the content focuses on the page keywords, and ZhengZhan theme

6: with comment function, keyword

appears in the comment

import links and anchor text:

1: high PR value site import links,

2: import links to content related pages

3: import link anchor text contains page keywords

4: anchor text exists in web content,

5: anchor text appears around the relevant keywords

6: import links have been in existence for more than 3 months,

7: import links where the export link of the page is less than 100

8: import links from different IP addresses

9: import links naturally increase

10: anchor text diversity

or more SEO skills, when I do, according to some SEO forum posts to do, and got some results, we can share.

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