other people Tanabata, I can not force the earth. They doubled in pairs. I was paired with the website. Today, I took advantage of my date to talk about how I handled my little lover". Mainly to talk about the three aspects of the operation of the author, as follows: (first attached to the operation of the webmaster website tool screenshot:)

1, the beginning of the station, station optimization must first perfect

new station at the beginning like playing ground, so we must pay attention to, but now many webmaster friends more and more do not pay attention to this. The META tag and the layout of the keyword do not pay attention to it, especially the keywords and description tags, which are even empty. Here, I want to remind webmaster friends, I have done experiments, show that these two labels for keywords ranking, or have very good effect. Moreover, we should pay attention to the layout of key words when we improve META tags, and try to avoid self competition and achieve weight concentration.

two, website content construction

if the content of the website is edited and written in one, it is not only large in quantity but also limited in ink. This for our small Adsense is very painful, so we take the way is to collect some website articles, but the pure people collect site of most directly into the garbage site, so we need a pseudo original + acquisition + original with the construction of the web content, before I say pseudo original, specific the operation is as follows:

1 for the collection of articles: first to expand the title of the article, add a little related or the same meaning keywords.

2 to some bold keyword small title for long tail or expansion, but do not change the original meaning, that is, we call the long tail keywords.

3 can increase the density of keywords and define the target keywords of the article.

let its collection of articles become "original".

three, master the home page with content page link construction proportion

The content of

website has built method, want to undertake the construction of catenary outside the website now. On the construction of the chain of articles although a little old-fashioned, but the construction of the chain is the personal practice and obtained good results, here for everyone to share. There are many ways to send the chain, but the effect is not the same, we can be in the library, with the popularity of the Post Bar, Wiki, forum links, of course, here to remember is that kind of library operation not only can do the anchor text can also be hyperlinks and text, not because of domain the anchor text and do the chain. One more thing is that you don’t always send home links to websites, and you should send more links to the content of the website. The percentage can follow 28 theories, 20% home links, and 80% content page links.

above is the author for a web

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