, this is called Li Li net’s vertical electricity supplier, once reduced to 7 people, the founder also experienced a near death experience. The company has not broken down. Vertical electricity supplier close to the deceased’s mental experience is: do not screw yourself, do not screw others.


only ceremony network founder Lining

in the Bi Sheng in November 2011 before throwing electricity supplier fraud theory, Lining (not former Olympic champion Lining) founded the gift industry vertical electricity supplier ceremony network. Bi on the electricity supplier cost than the line, the cost is too high, impossible to make money in the speech caused great uproar in the circle, but Lining did not catch the electricity supplier circle, venture capital circle for this new understanding of the business.

he’s slow. Li still believed it was feasible to copy the "mature" game of spending, impulse, and recycling into the gift industry. At this point in time, the so-called mature play in the business circle has virtually failed.

network may not be surprised on the rite of this play, after all, to the first half of 2012, at least the media to create a business atmosphere is a fiasco. But Lining is still drifting away from the established game. Li recalled that he was also twisting his own confidence that he had something to suspect, which became a burden.

but Lining is slow again. Since you don’t trust your inner voice, the rite had to fight to the network began to transition head broken and bleeding. Later, Zhu Geliang said, "why is the founder’s decision not strong enough?". Lining is still on the finance support to electricity suppliers play luck: I was special, I can survive a scorched earth war.

, but he doesn’t have one. After Chinese VC without electricity supplier. Lining said, do not feel that they are one of the ten million, do not wring the general trend. Prior to the electricity supplier to save the consequences of the fall in the summer of 2012 began to erupt: Li Li network and attract executives, partners painful parting, Lining can not find a new direction. It was cut from 80 or so teams to 7 people, Lining once despair.

entrepreneurs as individuals, how to live through life and death moment? Lining’s answer is that friends are important, and the heart and heart travel is very important. The following is Lining’s readme.


in the heart

some of the road, only the net did not see very real, began to advance. So, for some time in 2012, it was all a quagmire.

we were established at the end of 2011. We are the leader of a gift industry in Zhejiang. We are also a strategic investor. Cape of Good Hope and so on. Investors have invested almost about 10000000 yuan, our angel investment. We have online, offline, direct sales, distribution business. Direct marketing is the development of enterprise customers, distribution, we are to the national gift company to do the service, and one is e-commerce.

then analyzed that our shareholders had good resources. Last year

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