capital smell is always the most sensitive, and those competitive emerging industries is the best place for capital, such as mother and baby electricity supplier. With the advent of 80, 90 new mom daddy, maternal electricity supplier industry usher in a hitherto unknown vitality. In the spring equinox, babe network, freaky help, honey bud baby etc. the maternal electricity supplier for sustainable financing and low price strategy will be the capital running gradually to a bloody climax.

Who can think of

, maternal battlefield a year ago. To have a thriving scene today. Recently, the mother and baby sale platform babe net in the following $100 million C round of financing, the market given the latest valuation of $1 billion, and ushered in the 1st anniversary birthday. Once opening situation seckill within 90 minutes, the sale, the babe net sales will be more than double last year’s 11 babe network overall sales.

aimed at moving public electricity providers, not to do followers

Hangzhou this place because of the "Ali" and "Zhejiang" two venture power, the whole city also exudes to atmosphere, from the "Ali" babe network founder Zhang Lianglun is one of them.

in fact, Beibei network is not Zhang Lianglun’s first venture, the famous website "rice folding network" is out of this "85 after" hand. And mother electricity supplier from birth years ago to now take shape, this vast market is countless explorers. Start a year, babe net from unknown small enterprise to maternal sale platform that everyone knows, and on the anniversary promotion in 90 minutes 15 seconds sales of millions of pieces of diapers, 1000 seconds behind the stroller, cannot do without a continued to make the right choice — Zhang Lianglun.

last year, meters net just got tens of millions of B round of financing, but he resolutely put his eyes on the mother and child market. In his view, 25 to 40 years old, the mother group is very large, for these groups to provide some deep service, there will be more room for development. In the entire maternal and child industry and sales data for market research, Zhang Lianglun identified the consumer electricity supplier idea based on the focus of the electricity supplier model, that is specifically for specific groups of people do B2C.

, and in the beginning of this year, Beibei net in the mobile phone APP on-line new business "sea outsourcing", began low-key set foot in cross-border electricity supplier. Although the cross-border electricity supplier has attracted much attention since last year, but Zhang Lianglun believes that cross-border electricity supplier is only a supplement to domestic trade, is Beibei net in the domestic market after a firm foothold, decided to do. Users have the need to focus on the concerns of users, and then address the needs.

is Zhang Lianglun didn’t follow the market perspective and consumer based thinking, can the babe network provide a good, cost-effective and competitive goods to consumers at the same time, allow suppliers to achieve rapid sales, but the market will eventually return to the team. Today, whether it comes from the user or capital markets, Zhang Lianglun’s correctness is proved by every choice.

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