I was a grassroots webmaster, from 2002 began to contact with the network, like most grassroots webmaster, from the website of the basic HTML curiosity, understanding and learning, the domain name for the purchase and use of free space to virtual hosting, then later leased to a managed server, a content management system (CMS) and use the operation of the site to the management, from an ignorant child a step up today, as of last month’s website shut down, five years. Today, I’m here complaining to the grassroots. About the experience of doing their own station, to resolve the next five years of anguish process, but also issued a view of Baidu.

first sigh, life has several five years, everyone should have a plan for five years, five years, as a grassroots webmaster, the station of its own effort can be said is far greater than raising a child’s hard work, management of the site and your life can get mixed together. "People like to describe the reason, not in their concept of separate work and life, I think most of the grassroots webmaster have the same


‘s own website is their work, but also their life tools, from the day of his twenty-four year old five years ago, along the way, taste from hard to harvest to lose the pain, now thirty old blind, now with the rapid development of network, the network is not what high-tech technology the threshold of website construction has become very low, making the website now tutorial, from the use of the basic HTML syntax to advanced SQL database, from basic server to server security maintenance, just looking at the Internet are technical articles with massive detailed tutorial.

contact site

learn the production site is inadvertently in a friend that slowly began to generate interest, initially only on website how made friends to explain the curious, the mystery to me, taught me how to view the source code of the web page, he started making the website for free space.

The original

website today in retrospect is very funny, from the color collocation, the layout of the page is simply no ornamental, simply not to mention the content page at all, in the following days he began to find some beautiful website to download to a local, simple modifications to copy their own space plus, some feel good content, content from the network most copied, modified from copying to a month’s time, has mastered the basic application of HTML grammar.

learning to make

then began to slowly improve their time, by the end of 2002, exposed to a "rain download management system ASP program (ACCESS database), can also be said to be at the beginning of the CMS program, very easy to use, the process of adding background software, to the front of the display, easy to complete. Began to study to learn how to use ASP and ACCES> from then

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