looking at the history of interactive design, that is, the interactive mode of innovation has been widely accepted as a standard, and the old interactive model is constantly being eliminated. So the interactive mode of development is a "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest process". This article is a share of the carbonated drinks conference in 09, when something new was now widely used. Because the theme is consistent with the current goal of the UX platform to encourage innovation, stick it again:)

interactive design is a creative work, innovative way to solve product problems beautifully, is a reflection of the value of interactive designers. When innovative interactive design is recognized by the user, the industry peer learning, but also a great job satisfaction. This innovation is not necessarily a revolutionary design of the world, and a small interactive component can make the product experience much better. Today the four common ways to talk about some cases of interactive components of innovation, to share with you.


, let’s recall the two scroll styles for reading the PDF document: 1, hand tools, drag 2, scroll bar.

to look at the back of the information, using hand tools to drag up, scroll bar is downward drag, the two mode of operation is the principle of what?


divides the document into visual areas, A, and overall area B. The scroll bar slider corresponds to the viewable area of the document A. Therefore, the scroll bar drags the viewable area A, while the hand tool drags the overall region B, and the two methods drag the body differently, so the opposite is true.



scroll bar can be interpreted as a thumbnail of the document in the vertical direction, where the slider can indicate the current position of the visible area and the proportion of the visible area to the overall area. As the overall area of the document increases, the smaller the visual area is, the smaller the height of the slider. Statistics IE, FF, Office and other commonly used software, the general slider height to 8px is no longer reduced. When the slider height is only 8px, the scroll bar dragging experience is quite poor.

Google wave has made bold innovations for scroll bars.


1, the upper and lower buttons are connected to the slider (benefits: the movement of the mouse from the slider to the upper and lower buttons becomes shorter; the problem is: click the up and down button, and the slider cannot follow the movement)

2, scroll bar slider height fixed (benefits: solve the slider minimum problem; problem: unable to represent the proportion of visual areas)

these two modifications optimize the traditional scroll bar problem, but lead to scroll bar base >

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