website has also been a year, during which it is not true to say that money, earn what, but for such a long period of time so a whole industry still has a lot of experience, now I will let their station to talk about some historical points of website construction, pay attention to, because only on his own experience, inevitably there are many deficiencies, welcome to


1, domain name selection.


value of a domain name on the site I think is to understand the network of people, also can see it, a good domain name, is money, which I think we should not question the right? When we select the domain name, there are many alternative platforms, but the individual in the use of YAHOO, million net, new network and GoDaddy of the four, or that which GoDaddy do its best, reasonable price, convenient management, but because it is English station, some friends may not understand the English is not very love. This is the domain name merchant’s choice,


is a need to pay attention to a point in the domain name registration, the 3, good record meters can give priority to, for Chinese webmaster, in Pinyin as well, suggestions for a keyword Pinyin, foreign words to English station is excellent, include the optimization of the key


2, the choice of space,

is a stable space both for the search engine or users, are the users of There is nothing comparable to this position, are you willing to go to a website or a super slow speed, and sometimes open open website? For the search, if the site is often not open, then the consequence is you down weight! Is a very important point is that the choice of space, before buying, must first see what you buy on the space station, how they are included, have been search engine K, I had to eat a loss so great, put a virtual space for my blog in Taobao flat-share the results do not be included in Baidu blog, then to query the server, found dozens of stations in the IP, so many stations do not have a website Baidu included good, most Only a part of the home page, so obviously, the IP is k! In this case, whether your website optimization is good, the original again, are no good, from here, I think it is not difficult to see the importance of


3 backup is really important,

is just beginning to do a website, do not backup habits, always feel that loss of data can’t happen to me, until the time I tell people flat-share server was officially stopped, which has its own website data files and web site to help a friend do, the data do not come back, do for a long time the station content is lost, the pain can not express! At the moment, I have to give up the idea of doing station, it is a devastating blow to ah.

4, you need to be specific and patient.

to do the webmaster, will be.

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