has come to Shanghai for 3 years, 3 years, there has been no time to write down some things in 3 years in Shanghai website production company attracting network engaged in the construction site, to share with you today 3 years of sales experience, if you have better can come together to communicate with me the.

still vaguely remembers how I should have talked to my client at the beginning, and again, when I received a phone call and asked my client, "I’ve been making lots of jokes.". Later, there is no way, I simply and customers say, I’m new here, you leave your contact information, our manager came back, I let him the first time and you get in touch, okay?. I was really embarrassed, and then went to consult some relevant information. Slowly, I picked up the phone and got some of my skills.

remember, the first time I went to visit my client was a big sister of the company, and I’ve been in the website construction industry for 10 years. I begged her to take me there. During the preparation process, I asked a lot of related questions to my eldest sister. Elder sister, and I said, first of all, don’t be nervous. You should treat the customer as your friend, don’t be afraid to be asked by the customer, because you don’t understand it, you have the advantage in front of the customer. Talking to customers, the point is to learn to listen. Understand your client’s needs and use your prepared papers and notebooks. According to your understanding of the detailed records of customers, back to the company, and then collate, analysis. According to the time agreed with the customer, my sister and I went to the client company. I stood in the audience and watched how the elder sister communicated with the customer.

visited customers second times, and also the company has 10 years ago website construction experience eldest brother. This client is in the cosmetics business. Again, I sit and listen. In their exchange for nearly 1.5 hours is the time. I have some insights.

through these two times and they go to meet customer experience. At the same time, I’ve sorted out their two different web building techniques. I analyze them and combine their strengths with my own understanding. I came up with my own sales skills. The third time to visit customers, which I personally. It was signed successfully, and it was still ten thousand. It was all taught by two older generations, and at the same time it had something to do with it.

tasted the joy of the signing. I love this business more and more. Spare time, I have learned some skills in sales, read a number of books and classical sales master Shang Zhisheng’s video, a step by step my sales practice improved. Coupled with my natural love of dealing with strangers, I’ve been able to sign up every time I talk to clients and become friends with many of my clients. In our spare time, we will meet each other to get together.

for 3 years now. In retrospect, I found that I went to meet customers without fear. The customer will be the same as friends, want to ask customers about the needs of some related website construction, >

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