recently, a web site is mainly responsible for the Baidu down the right, through the analysis of practice and several days of observation, finally understand the reason, it is because the addition of a JS code’s sake, because the code in many webmaster or are looking for, not everyone like me, the concrete after write out, would like to give my friends to remind.

is right down the website is a professional nature of the site, the station has been for several years, because of the particularity of the website related to the content of the original site, and contribute more content, the website scale is not big, but should be the type of Baidu search more love, station for several years, has not done what optimization however, the most important keywords in recent years has been the first two pages of Baidu, although there are ups and downs, but has been relatively stable. Is due to the more original content website, website of many articles by other stations reproduced, but most are not labeled from the station, but did not belong to its author, what is more, the other people of other posts on the name of department. In fact, for now the Internet, these things are not what the acquisition too much, but we really have some website members and moderators in the recommendations of our requirements as far as possible to protect their rights and interests (it is no wonder that they, due to the special nature of the industry, most of them don’t understand the status quo of network).

so we are in the main location of the site, in many places posted notices, requiring reprint, must be well-known sources, authors, etc., for some time down, it does not work.

has been out of date for some time, and by chance saw a friend say that the copy of webmaster net automatically adds the function of copyright, so to Admin5, found this Code:

< script type=" text/javascript" >

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