A few days ago

wrote several articles on the site navigation station promotion articles, although the lotus just buds, but finally entered the webmaster circle. Female webmaster is very few, can do site navigation station female Adsense less, so for choose water test "site navigation station" more hope and surprise.

after a careful planning, 36 online industry website officially launched, here we created this site experience, I hope everyone can give valuable, especially to provide a real promotion platform for industry webmaster.

1, domain name

basic requirements: simple and easy to remember. With a lot of successful digital domain names in front, so the domain name is not "digital" can not be. The latest thought is "36" this figure, the 36 line, just on behalf of 36 industries, and good to remember, and appropriate site positioning, not it can not be. In "Online (online) English" in "OL" and the combination of numbers, OL is a generic English shorthand, so Chinese domain name is referred to as: 36 online, easy to remember, in the domain we basically do not choose this effort.

2, site positioning

from the beginning, our positioning is to determine the industry site navigation, integrated web site has been hao123, 265, 114la, these are difficult to go beyond the mountains, in the front, we do not go to join the fun. And in the industry sector, site navigation, the current domestic real industry site navigation station is not good, the lack of an industry recognized authority, such a big blank market is pending excavation ah.

regression topic, in positioning, we decided to take the road of subdivision industry, but to an industry website navigation station, do fine is not easy. In order to become industry users online home page, in addition to the necessary leisure and entertainment web site, content must fit the industry usage habits, after all, you face the user is engaged in this industry. In the automotive industry for example: in the industry we made a subdivision column, including comprehensive information, second-hand car, local site, car service, maintenance, auto parts, shopping guide quotes, auto forum Association organized nearly 10 subdivision columns, in addition to providing the industry users Internet commonly used tools, such as license plate illegal query, query, query, query, road driving license of vehicle fuel consumption query, absolutely do convenient and practical. As long as the car industry users log on to the web site, they can always find the right sites for them.

in this way, each sub industry Web site is an independent industry site navigation station, all industry integration is becoming a subdivision in the end of the industry, web site daquan.

3, website promotion

site just on-line, we will first in some industry websites to promote, just 2 days time, the website visits (PV) to achieve 20 thousand times, after all, these are the most targeted users. Everyone familiar with the promotion methods are also operating a round, such as soft Wen

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