the expertise of this expert is also limited,

how should a registered company select its registered address, registered capital, business scope,

the government vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovation, in the current management of the entrepreneurial atmosphere, already is the most fashionable topic.

< introductory statement >

says that they want users to add their vehicles to a shared platform and use all ofo bikes by giving up ownership. This system can reduce costs because ofo does not have to spend money on vehicles. At the same time, it can redistribute existing resources without putting a lot of new vehicles into the market, so it can reduce congestion and waste.

is for reference only, not for dogma.

," the investment in vehicles, resources expanded five times, business scale has declined. At that time, very tangled, very, very crisis, if it can not solve the decline in business, there must be no investment behind, certainly dead. Although >


Abstract: "I think people and money are dependent on the direction of the most difficult, the most important is to find a direction, a better direction, and the money will have, the right direction can attract better people, everyone will feel excited for this direction."

, so be sure to choose a good name, as far as possible approved, so that enterprises in the future development and marketing is very good;

should have a strategic vision, long-term vision, win at the starting point;

of course, the company’s name font size can be consistent with the trademark, domain name is very necessary.


show for everyone below Pu Lan Si Tiaofenlvxi, several companies registered under the pit in the process of analysis of

— public innovation, people entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, you have to help experts,

What material or condition does the

found a huge potential market for bicycle, Dai Wei team began to study the causes of "abandoned bicycle": maintenance inconvenience, high cost, inconvenient to carry, can not be achieved even after the whenever and wherever possible, public bicycle, convenience is poor and unable to meet the needs of the user.

Before the start of

two second pit: registered capital


one first pits: enterprise name

, he mentioned the original intention of creating ofo, "the bicycle is the perfect means of transportation.". It is environmentally friendly, able to exercise, and easy to store and maintain. However, with the development of the global economy and changes in people’s habits and habits, the number of bicycles on the road has decreased dramatically. This situation is particularly evident in china."

is to make a living, in order to make a living, the current business is more in order to achieve personal ideals, to interest, is no longer a night sleep on the floor that do poineering work.

first talked about why choose ofo as the name of the enterprise, Dai Wei said: "the ofo three letter looks like a man was riding a bicycle or the like, is the people all over the world can understand language".

registration company need?


is the name of the enterprise is very important, choose what kind of industry, what kind of name is very important, a catchy name of the atmosphere, is a good start. Universal

this article, combined with my experience and understanding in Pu Lan’s experience, gives advertisers a few days of meeting in the process of registering a company. I hope I can help entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs.

What do you need to do after the

senior research fellow, investment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Research Institute, Chen Peifeng,

registration company is completed?

how long will it take for the company to register?

talking about ofo entrepreneurial process, Dai Wei said suffered a lot of ups and downs, and even once because the project can not be pushed forward and debt ridden, this situation has been with Jinsha River’s A round of capital has improved.

countries, regional differences still exist,

wants to start a business. The first job is to register a company and obtain government permission to operate it legally;

, if the readers have different views, please also feedback, we exchange together, improve service, entrepreneurship

this paper introduces several key points in the process of registering a company in the New District of

original copyright Pu Lan Si Group Show – venture Chamberlain chief expert,


now, ofo bicycle has become a new unicorn, founder and CEO, Wei Wei has become another founder of the campus from Peking university. In from April 23rd to 24th, Dai Wei was invited to attend the twentieth Harvard China Forum on the theme of "sharing the responsibility of the times". During the invitation of the new England Alumni Association of Harvard University, he made some share of the entrepreneurial process and experience.

but even so, ofo is still very anxious to get an investment. He recalls, when five university to twenty thousand single day before ofo; took the A round of Jinsha River, in March began to expand, Beijing made 25 University, to April this time, about April 23rd, when the Beijing 25 University, or twenty thousand single, also fifteen thousand single.

registration company is completed?

? What material can be obtained after the

therefore, ofo put forward the concept of sharing platform without piles for the first time, eliminating the user’s demand for car using a bicycle sharing system.

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