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business is not as long as the hard work, but also to see the situation, find out the direction. At the awards ceremony site, by the people’s daily, the central kitchen CCTV seven sets of agricultural channels and rural entrepreneurship and Innovation Office jointly issued the "2016 annual Chinese" three rural "Wealth Report" big data through the perspective of China’s "three rural" business development status, in-depth analysis of the "prospect and trend of rural entrepreneurship.

, has always attached importance to the "three rural" work, continue to strengthen the agriculture agricultural strong signal. The central rural work conference held in 2013 pointed out that China is stronger, agriculture must be strong; China wants to be beautiful; the countryside must be beautiful; China wants to be rich; farmers must be rich. Under the new economic normal, how strong, beautiful, rich, need more benefit by mutual discussion needs an example, Our wills unite like a fortress., sharing experience and spiritual drive.

recently, sponsored by the China agricultural film and TV Center, the first agricultural China TV IP– "the rich" column hosted seventh CCTV ‘three rural’ entrepreneurial wealth model promotion activities "is an innovative wealth sharing event.


at the activities of the "three rural" entrepreneurship summit, more than 200 farmers in the field of agriculture, big coffee, entrepreneurs and agricultural experts to share the successful practice experience, explore innovative ways of entrepreneurship. In the afternoon, held in the hall of a studio Chinese agricultural film and TV Center of the "seventh CCTV" agriculture "entrepreneurial rich example" awards ceremony, national ministries and commissions, famous entrepreneurs great coffee and nearly 300 from all over the country’s outstanding agricultural entrepreneurs, witnessed the birth of the seventh CCTV example of the "three rural" entrepreneurial wealth.

The seven fields of

top-level design has played "combined" model in advance, to forge ahead, the "three rural" business world wide, the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers richer and stable benefit to solve the problem of feeding a population of 1 billion 300 million, the "three rural dream" is to achieve.

as the development of industrial integration, precise poverty, new farmers, dedication, Internet plus modern agriculture, ecological entrepreneurship, innovative business models, business stories and wealth of experience Zhu Chunhua, Li Naluo, Yang Tianlong, Luhmann, Ma Tiemin, Zhu Zhiming, Pan Yuanxiang, Qi Feng, Li Chun, Zhen Dianju, Wang Bian, Jizhou He Huaxian, Chen Kaifei and other 13 people transfer upward force, a group of infected people in the struggle in a road.


I am willing to take full responsibility for the failure of this venture. Other people on the team are part of the business, but the failure of the business is absolutely irrelevant to them.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from

before my business is going crazy on the network search for other startups fail reports, expect to find Similarly afflicted people pity each other. people. But people who seem to have failed in their business have been quarantined, and there are few articles about the failure of entrepreneurship. Looking at the people around me, every time I open Facebook to see the latest news from other entrepreneurs…

report shows that agriculture is becoming the capital favored areas, policy support system of rural entrepreneurship development is being formed, the electricity supplier to become a major platform of entrepreneurial wealth in rural areas, the "new farmers" is a new force to lead the rural entrepreneurship and development.

was that it made me realize that my ability to adapt was actually much better than I had imagined. When I graduated from high school, I started the business. I was so immature that I didn’t even know what entrepreneurship was. In fact, I even start-ups is what all don’t know! I at that time the idea is very simple, is to solve a problem I have encountered: the closet is full of clothes, but still feel that they have nothing to wear.



media is always working on propaganda efforts. But they will only advertise businesses that will eventually succeed through hard work. For example, Airbnb, the original selling breakfast, was transformed into a housing sharing business, and now their valuations have reached billions of dollars. But you rarely see in the media the same effort that ultimately fails. Few media reports of the founders’ roller coaster start-up process, let alone the process of failure of these enterprises. But bankruptcy is the ultimate destination of many start-ups, and understanding the failure process of others can serve as a reference for our own work.

since then, I gradually encountered all problems all entrepreneurs have experienced is co-founder of a stab in the back, the failure of financing and the usage of technology products, technology products result in problems of stagnation in sales and credit card problems, lack of funds, the user viscosity, lack of team, hired employees, wrong I don’t want to dismiss dismissed employees, the product does not meet the market demand and so on, all you can think of the difficulty, I have experienced, and it overcomes all difficulties.

data show that 90% of technology start-ups have failed. In the early days of entrepreneurship, I never thought I would end up like this.

but I failed at last. I won every battle, but I lost the whole battle.

this article is from the foreign technology blog medium, author Nikki Durkin. The woman entrepreneur tells the whole story of her failure to start a business and tells what it feels like to be a failure. It’s a long space, but it’s worth reading.

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