it can be said, as long as your site is normal, no violation of the terms of the alliance of what is generally not what domain name can, basically registration time limit and site traffic restrictions, because my station was on the line for a month, of course, the flow is not very high, so also can through, so if you apply for the two union basically no difficulty what.

"Taobao alliance" is based on "Taobao" based online advertising advertisers and advertisers. "Taobao" promotion is the core, Taobao union advertising and advertising promotion, in addition, window display, package advertising, advertising click billing and channel / promotion activities in various forms, there are a lot of Taobao alliance forms of advertising, it is also very simple to use, of course, I personally think that Taobao is a new station is difficult to make money, of course, some individual Taobao customer Master is not the same, some time to see the forum above others when hundreds of thousands of Taobao alliance income, I was far behind some ah, Taobao alliance allows advertisers to introduced more traffic and increase the shop and commodity exposure and let it become possible with


Hello everybody:
 ;       October union salary will be imported into your account in November 15th, please check on time.
   ;     in addition, the webmaster who modifies his account information will inform us in time.
        at the same time, friendship reminds everyone: the personal data in the form of contact clearly, convenient for us to contact you in case of problems. We guarantee to keep your personal information confidential and not for other purposes.
                                                              & nbsp;                                                                             Kingsoft

2. views on the NetEase Web Consortium:

when writing this article today, the station on the line is only a month’s time, during this period, I did not intend to rely on advertising alliance to make a profit, but for a curious Alliance because not request Taobao Ali no alliance, and the alliance is a new NetEase before out so, try holding the attitude for the two union, here I will talk about my experience and the union of the two views.

3. views on the Taobao Alliance:

1. application threshold:




of course, >


NetEase alliance is basically under the banner of the game, although there are CPC, CPA, CPM, CPS and other models, but only the game website to apply for other types of advertising, non gaming site can only apply for CPS and CPA mode of advertising. Click 1IP/0.1, and if your site is not a game class, the site will appear: sorry, your site is not suitable for launching this ad, please choose other types of advertising. And the plan was formally implemented in March 30th. If your website is not only for the Games a network advertising Impressionist printing website in accordance with the highest percentage of consumption 18%, there is the NetEase’s Fantasy Westward Journey CPA advertising, according to the behavior into 10 yuan / per user.

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

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