Sun Taoran’s entrepreneurial experience is very suitable to use "surprise" to describe. His first successful career was in the media. In 1994, the Ministry of Civil Affairs under the four group after 3 years of hard work, Sun Taoran served as general manager of the group’s four advertising companies, a year later, he decided to go the "Beijing Youth Daily" published the monograph for computer, two years later, his client at that time all the mainstream brands across IT. When the momentum of the company Mengjin, the whole company is an optimistic, but Sun Taoran began to worry. With the North Green cooperation agreement once the expiration of the contract may not renew, even if renewed contract, its cooperation conditions will inevitably be harsh. Also at this time, BlueFocus PR company.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan

"public office, residence, housing, treatment, salary, all these things should not be the factors that influence my choice. I want to do whatever I want.". If you care about these things, they would like to tie your chain, people should learn to control their own." Sun Taoran says.

company, has created the first China PR industry listed company; he co founded Henderson Albert, planning of "business" become a classic marketing case; now, he fought in the third party payment market, began writing a new story. This is the chairman Sun Taoran lacarra. The six shirt draped veteran entrepreneurs has a clear goal, do the industry leader, because it was "profitable". So, on our way in a circle in his view, he neither too fast nor too slow, the profit is only the simple things.

when entrepreneurship becomes a lifestyle,


returned to Beijing from Jilin to Sun Taoran as a drift: No unit, no housing, no account.

character stories

Sun Taoran. Kara

give up a secure job willing to drift

in 1991, Sun Taoran graduated from Beijing university. In a time when he didn’t need to worry about his job, he got a solid job without doubt, and was going to work for a construction company in his home town of Changchun.

, in order to classify information release this single demand, this easy way to aggregate users. From this we can see that Web2.0 is a very easy way to communicate the concept, do the site before operation is the website operators active push, pull way of doing business, the user actually tired, more tired of website operators. Now it’s based on WEB2. 0 is based on applications that resonate with consumers, which makes it easier to cut in. In other words, is another super girl, want to sing, sing, want to say, say, want to sow, broadcast, want to write, write, want to send hair. However, once the user turns up, it also represents the classification, may be related to the local portal website, live entertainment website, competition, and classification of paper media, the Focus Media will directly or indirectly compete. First of all, users overlap to see who has great influence. For website competitors, how to strengthen the stickiness of websites and build up the influence is the key question in management. Without the user, there is no basis for product sales, the site has no influence, there is no bargaining chip, it will have a negative impact on the website earnings. When the sorting site aggregated users to the critical point, the site users split to the classification site. We first look at the user needs of classified websites and their daily behavior maps.

so let Web form the strongest bargaining power is the key to business!

form of bargaining power it is: the site of influence, whether it is for the user or customer!

only to find the precise positioning, is a prerequisite for doing influence!

Analysis of

1, platform threshold low first high: although now the platform access threshold is low, but bundled RSS, mobile blog, SMS value-added services, the platform competition threshold higher.

2, user threshold from low to high: the superficial information release, can attract some users; but the real mainstream users in the local the most popular website used to reside, to change the user’s habits, need time and money.

3, a high capital threshold: classification of website resources competition, not only to compete with similar sites, also relates to radio, building services, media capital enterprise competition, all backing big. In the minds of users to achieve their influence, we must do: think of what would think of classification sites, go out, you can find the service personnel to publish information, release information, the end user will be able to hold in hand within a day. This involves entering the city advertising, increase the user knows the probability of your site; channel integration, network media integration, and each city is the purchaser or partner of the fund transaction needs are not the same, large volume of funds. According to under the network classified media operator said: each city makes 100~200 million beforehand

for mapHe is one of the founders of

he wants to go to lenovo. As for the company near the school, Sun Taoran took aim at the University as early as possible. At that time, "how much ability to give the stage," "personal interests into the needs of enterprises" association slogan, so that Sun Taoran feel fresh and exciting. However, he did not do so at that time. And what’s interesting is that, years later, he became a member of the Lenovo family in another way.

Sun Taoran recalls, laughing in the north have seen the world, the "distribution" is more like "exiled", that is not the entry he had made his decision to leave. In the era of "iron rice bowl" as the highest standard, people thought this kind of decision was inconceivable, but he thought it was no big deal.

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