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in the rapid development of social environment, such a situation is normal. Political journalists want to report the president and the Supreme Court, not the state. Similarly, tech journalists want to report businesses with valuations of $one billion. An investor with $one billion in assets would like to invest $50 million in a successful business, and a $100 million exit would be considered a consolation prize, not worth cheering about. On this basis, a $more than 100 million capital withdrawal would be like an outsize takeover.

note: This is not a full list. In addition, it is difficult to obtain accurate values for the investment exit in the Internet age, but you can query the relevant citations. Given that some data is not disclosed, we assume that the purchase price is below the substantial threshold of the buyer.

lie four: do Taobao will brush credit


business is not easy, especially without the capital base of young people, although the angel investment boom diminished, seemingly entrepreneurship is a bright and gorgeous thing, as a matter of fact, I have been in a small entrepreneurial company, involved in some entrepreneurial projects, friends at a very high proportion of entrepreneurs, and I practice friends are not so.

looks down on the $100 million success story,

sure, the only thing that doesn’t work, but the idea is important. It’s a company’s goals and vision. It’s also a reason for a big wave of employees to mix with you, even though these ideas sometimes don’t sound very reliable. No idea, how else to do it,

Although the

said this sentence is often some of the vicissitudes of investors or entrepreneurs, however, only shows that they have no idea, because investors are investing the ideas of others, they seem very clever, but most of their ideas to self entrepreneurs, if the idea is not important, there is no good project, it is business what is the

lie three: search engines don’t matter,

BAT is a giant company, not a small team to do very good, big firms and entrepreneurs are not flexible, there is no need to consider their existence, because they do not know that you exist, but will not put you in the eye, such a situation is not very good

many successful investors have created some excellent start-ups, but in today’s distorted standards of success, this is only a "moderate" performance. Over the past ten years, Y Combinator’s Paul Graham has become one of the most influential VCs, while its start-up Viaweb was only $49 million at that time. According to any reasonable standard, Viaweb can be regarded as a successful enterprise, but in the current exaggerated propaganda and a large number of financing activities against the background, this is not sure. The company raised only $2 million 500 thousand before it was sold – so the $49 million offer was a very lucrative return, which bodes well for the future of Paul Graham. Facts have proved that small withdrawal can also bring great profits.

the age of Unicorns distorts the concept of entrepreneurial success. The hype over the $one billion exit story has led to the current status of digital success. Simply starting the venture, it’s pretty good to start an enterprise and sell it for $100 million. But in today’s entrepreneurial environment, such results are not everyone’s approval.  

investment blitz mobile Native App, many people think that the search is not important, I think this is a big misunderstanding, I have business consulting service project, I would suggest they use their web site, unless you are a closed social network, there is no need to close their other search engines, is demand driven the marketing tool, you can give him, to give up the most important marketing channel.

media reports often only see the bright side, because of the need to attract people, but the business process is often painful, but also to continue to expose those charming lies and chicken soup, and some let you respect a man say, even so, please be patient reflection.

sh419, Ali, Tencent, the three giants, as long as you do Internet business, you are also around but in any case, if you choose that they do not do business, so don’t start, because their business is too much, in all aspects, you deliberately away from them, to stay away from the world.

lie 1: ideas aren’t important,


in order to understand the reality of this distortion, we have studied some of the special successful founders of the past few decades – those who later became venture capitalists. We used horizontal analysis to study the top VC firms and found 63 investors who had been in an entrepreneurial setting. 11 of the companies in the group have been successfully listed or sold at more than $1 billion.

search engine on the App becomes more and more serious, the importance will be lifted up again, even app, promotion costs are increasingly high, stable natural flow and user import is still long-term demand, unless you want to do a go.

lie two: stay away from BAT startup

‘s outlandish ideas are not universal, but many VCs and industry watchers are indifferent to the nine digit exit.

, this is a very wrong fallacy, any creation

if a company sells for $100 million, not only will VCs often sneer at it, but it will also become a big group of start-ups


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