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love Shanghai for the webmaster friends, can be said to be love and hate, because many owners love Shanghai more lucrative, but because the webmaster love Shanghai and the loss of competitiveness, causing the site operation abortion! In a word, the successful use of the Shanghai love marketing master is a minority, from the minority which method we can learn a lot about the use of love Shanghai marketing, but unfortunately, many webmaster thinks he is clever, or every letter, do not know how to innovation, so eventually enter the loser the ranks, this verified the rack the brains too clever, anti lost his tail! Here I come to the analysis of a few misunderstandings about love Shanghai marketing!

analysis of misunderstanding keywords price

analysis of the bidding ranking errors

PPC I believe that many owners are not unfamiliar, love Shanghai before the PPC is built on the basis of price, keywords ranking the price to win, whose price is high, whose keyword ranking is high, but this way there is a very obvious problem, it is easy to lead to love Shanghai’s website poor quality, but affect the quality of search engine results love Shanghai, and phoenix nest plan, keywords ranking not only rely on the price, also need quality reference site, if the webmaster in PPC before, do not understand the mechanism of love in Shanghai PPC, that will be very easy to lose! So it is very important to understand the love of Shanghai competitive bidding mechanism!

first, you should know that love Shanghai PPC mechanism is the original Ming shot into a dark film, with a keyword, each auction price is opaque, you may spend more than the price, won the first prize, the key words in this way, you can bid cost rise very quickly, so the correct approach should be the appropriate test, through continuous modification to offer as much as possible in the lower price, higher ranking keywords!


is the second, the degree of quality problems, many owners do not know what is possible quality, quality is actually search volume, click rate and correlation and credit account is determined, if you are a high credibility of the account, then your quality is high, and the cost of bidding will a little lower, so improve the quality of site is one method for reducing cost!

now many webmaster for the analysis of love Shanghai auction price is more profound keywords, but profound > after

third, is the ranking system, high love Shanghai marketing, if you do not know the ranking system, which is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint can’t correct, get useful information, for example, now many webmaster only know how to ascend keywords in this way, the price is difficult to obtain better competitiveness, and the main factors of ranking system. Is the bid, the competitors and the quality of the bid and quality degrees! From these two aspects beyond the competitors, marketing is the key to love Shanghai!

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